Sunday, September 30, 2012

Miranda Kenneally Interview!!! :)

OMG guys!! I have been looking forward to this day for a couple of weeks now!!! This is going to be so awesome, because guess who I have for an interview today????

Miranda Kenneally!!!!

Okay, so I'm guessing you already saw the title, but come one??? Isn't it AWESOME????

I mean seriously, the author of TWO of my favorite reads from this year agreed to do an interview with ME!  The Romance Bookie!!

I am just stoked on life right now!!

Anyway let's get cracking!

The Romance Bookie: What was your inspiration for Catching Jordan and your newest release, Stealing Parker?

Miranda Kenneally: My inspiration for Catching Jordan was to tell girls to follow their dreams. For Stealing Parker, my inspiration was to show people that you should always do what you feel is right, no matter what other people think or if it will hurt your reputation.

TRB:  Did you put any of your own characteristics into Jordan and/or Parker? For instance, perhaps Jordan's Tom-boyish ways? Love for football?

MK: For Jordan, I definitely put my own self-motivation and drive into her. I am very much a go-getter and won't stop until I get what I want. For Parker, I used a lot of my own self-doubt and self-esteem issues and my own questions about life, friendship, sex and faith. Do you listen to music while writing? Do you have a specific song in mind when thinking of Jordan and/or Parker?

MK: I used to listen to Taylor Swift and other country music while writing, but lately I've started listening to the TV. I have to have some sort of sound when I write, or I don't feel good. The song that immediately comes to mind when I think of Catching Jordan is "You Belong With Me" by Taylor Swift. 
Response from TRB:  OMG I love Taylor!!! I've used her for Music Tuesday wayyy too many times!! And "You Belong with Me" is one of my absolute favorites!
I love the music video:

TRB: Where do you see Jordan in 10 years?

MK: I see Jordan as a physical trainer for a football team!
TRB:  Read any great books lately? What was/were it/they about?

MK: Most recently I loved SUCH A RUSH by Jennifer Echols. That's about a girl pilot. I blurbed WHAT HAPPENS NEXT by Colleen Clayton. It's a sad-funny-poignant story about what happens to a girl after she's sexually assaulted. I've also been reading Julia Quinn's Bridgerton family historical regency romance series. It's so funny! You can check out my Goodreads page for more book ideas. 

TRB:  Do you believe in "Happily Ever Afters" in both real life and fiction, or only in the fiction world?

MK: I definitely believe it HEAs in real life, but I think they take a lot of work. I don't think they just happen. Those are my favorite kinds of books - where characters have to work past some issue or prejudice to be with the person they love. 
TRB: Any upcoming projects in the works, besides Stealing Parker? Yes! My third book THINGS I CAN'T FORGET comes out March 1, 2013. You'll find characters from both Catching Jordan and Stealing Parker in it! Also, I edited the Dear Teen Me anthology and that is out October 31, 2012. Also - look for news about my next books in the Catching Jordan/Stealing Parker series soon!
TRB: How long have you been writing?

MK: Since I was eight years old. I wrote these really crappy stories about poodles that were circus performers.
TRB: What do you prefer: hard copies or ebooks?  And why?

MK: My wallet prefers hard copies, because then I have to go to the bookstore or have them delivered. I buy soooo many eBooks just because it's easy and I can. I can easily drop $50-100 per month on eBooks if I'm not careful. 

TRB: Any advice for aspiring writers?

MK: Work hard! Don't let people stop you from trying to work hard. Stay focused. Read lots of books. 

How awesome was that??!!

Anyway, if you haven't read either Catching Jordan or Stealing Parker, than you definitely should!! (For more information you can go HERE for "Catching Jordan" and HERE for "Stealing Parker")

They are truly great books and you I have honestly not read one bad review about either of them! 

Stealing Parker is officially out tomorrow on the first of October, so go and get your copy either over at Amazon or Barnes and Noble!!

Have a great rest of your weekend! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Great interview! I really love both of her books :) Also, Things I Can't Forget sounds amazing.