Monday, May 2, 2011

The Lying Game

Finished another book! :)

This time it was The Lying Game by Sara Shepard.  And let me just tell you...IT WAS AWESOME!!

I loved Sara Shepard's Pretty Little Liar Series.  I do admit that there were points in the series, for instance, like after they find out that "A" was Mona (sorry, if you have no idea, but I am talking about!); but then all that other stuff occurred in the series, it left me on my toes!  Every time a new book from that series came out, the first thing I would do was turn to the VERY back and look if there was a page promoting the next book in the series.  It drove me insane...okay not literally :), but you know what I mean :). 

Anyway, Sara Shepard's newest book to a completely brand new series, was just as a nail biter as the last series.  I enjoyed reading every minute of it. 

Anyway, before I keep babbling, here is what it's about:

Emma finds out she has twin.  Unfortunately, it looks as if her twin was strangled to death.  When Emma tries to solves the mystery, she learns that Sutton (her twin) wasn't the nice girl that Emma is, in fact, Sutton was evil!  She was a spoiled brat, who had no respect toward her parents or sister. 

Both Sutton and Emma were put up for adoption at a young age.  Unlike Sutton though, who was adopted by her family almost immediately, Emma got the bad part of the deal.  Ever since, her mom, Becky, (even though Emma believes that Becky was Sutton and her biological mother, it hasn't quite said it straight out) left Emma behind (Sutton already having been adopted by then), Emma is left going from one foster home to another.  A couple of weeks before her eighteenth birthday, Emma gets kicked out of her foster home, because of a video...a video showing a girl that looks exactly like Emma getting strangled.  Knowing that it wasn't herself in the video, she figures out that she must have a twin sister.  So she finds out through the video the information she needs to find out who her sister is, and goes to look for her.

Well, when Emma goes to the town of Tuscan, where Sutton lived, she finds herself being pulled into Sutton's life, by her friends and family, who believe she is Sutton.  At first Emma, tries to fight it, telling her parents that she is Emma, Sutton's long-lost twin sister, but if that didn't sound crazy, then I don't know what does, her family doesn't believe her of course. 

Through the course of a few weeks, Emma learns that her sister was...well...sort of a b&%$h. 

Sutton and her friends, came up with these rules for this game, called "The Lying Game" where they figure a prank to pull on someone they know.  However, these aren't your average pranks...these pranks are horrible! They aren't funny at all, even though Sutton and her friends think they are being funny, and just having a little fun. 

An example of a prank they pull, is they stole Sutton's mother car from the grocery parking lot, while her mother is in there, and then they parked it somewhere.  Her mother, coming out of the grocery store, of course freaked out.  Sadly, this example was the most mildest example.  Believe me, when I say the pranks are insane! 

To make matters worse, Emma, while impersonating Sutton, get a couple of threats, of someone (she can't tell who it is) telling her to continue playing along, and if she doesn't she will die just like her sister.  Emma has her suspicions of who might have killed her sister, but it is up to her to prove it. 

This book ends with a lot of unanswered questions.  But I am very excited to read the next novel in the series, Never Have I Ever, which hits bookstores this August.

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