My NEW Rating System!!!! :)

Happy Sunday!
I've got something SUPER exciting to share with you'll!!! :)

Eileen over at Singing and Reading in the Rain!!, who made my ABSOLUTE GORGEOUS Header and Blog Button (which btw, you should totally share ;) haha), has now made me a Rating System!!!

Isn't it gorgeous??!!! :)

Now here are the details (I will also be making a tab at the top of The Romance Bookie):

This system is called The Bookie System!

It's very similar to anyone else's Star rating system, it's from 1-5 Bookies! :)

= I ABSOLUTELY 100% loved EVERY SINGLE thing about this book!!! Would recommend this one EVERYONE!

= This was a GREAT book! Truly enjoyed it! And would recommend it to others!

= This book was good, there were bits and pieces that weren't really my thing, but overall an enjoyable read.  Wouldn't reread it though, most likely. 

=There were quite a few things I didn't like about this one.  Would never reread it, and probably wouldn't recommend it to anyone, unless it sounded like something to there liking (because after all, something I may have not liked, someone else may love!)

= I hate to say it, but if I give a book a ONE Bookie rating, I absolutely could not stand this book! I would never recommend it to anyone! Whether it be that I absolutely disliked the main character, the writing, the story, or EVERYTHING, sometimes it just takes that one thing to make an awful book for me!  But I promise I RARELY give one Bookie/Star ratings.  I have currently a total of 3 1-Star books on Goodreads, out of the 406 I have read!

So that's the Bookie system! :)

I will be adding a rating to all of my future AND past ratings, so I'll be adding that in the next couple of weeks! :)

Thanks Everyone! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I'm glad you like your new rating system so much! :) Glad I could help and I hope you enjoy using it! Can't wait to see what reviews and ratings you give out :)


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