Twilight Week Day 6, Breaking Dawn Part 2 Movie Review

Hey Everyone!

So yesterday morning (at 11:45) I saw The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2...and to be honest I just can't think of the right words to describe it, because so many emotions, and expressions were going through me, that I have decided to make my first ever video for The Romance Bookie.  This video is not only a review of the movie, but also at the end I added a Thank you to the everyone involved with this series, so if you're interested (I PROMISE it does not contain any spoilers!!) stick around and listen (BUT be warned, I do a pretty good job of embarrassing myself, pretty thoroughly!!!)

So here goes...

Mandy @The Romance Bookie :)

PS: I forgot to mention this in the video, but if you see this movie, and you are 1. A HUMONGOUS Twilight fan, 2. one of the older Twilight fans, like the Twilight mom's or Grandma's, 3. and you have a heart condition; BE CAREFUL!!! 


  1. You are SO SWEET! I had my mouth open in shock during the entire time of THAT scene!


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