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Happy New Year!

I cannot believe it is 2022!  I feel like it was just yesterday that we were welcoming 2020 with the open arms of a gleeful child, only to be met with doom.  But 2022, is going to be better!  Positive thoughts everyone!  I know I am excited for some fun plans already coming up early this year.  For one, my husband and I are taking our son on his first plane ride and we are going to the Walt Disney World to celebrate the 50th anniversary of WDW!!  We are so unbelievably excited to show him one of our favorite places!  So it's hopefully already going to start off as a good year!

But a new year also means new goals, new year resolutions, and sometimes even new beginnings for some!  For me this year, I would like to spend 2022 working on myself, especially my mental and physical health.  I hope to continue losing weight, start working out more, and keep up with what I have been doing.  Next, I would like to prioritize my family more.  My husband and son are my world, and I am tired of others needs getting in the way of those who actually appreciate what I do for them.  

And last...

A new year means new Reading Goals!

A big things for me this year, and this is part of my goal of focusing on myself a bit, is reading more and accomplishing some reading goals!  

So here are my Reading Goals for 2022:

1. Read 50 books!

I ended 2021, with reading quite a bit more than I anticipated to read!  My original goal was 15 books, and that turned into 25, and then 30, and then that 30 was crushed by me reading just over 40 books!

So for 2022, I am hoping to crush it even more, and read FIFTY books!  Something I haven't done in years!

2. Blog More!

I would like to keep up with The Romance Bookie more!  I've been posting my reviews, but I would love to start having regular posts again, that add more here.  I used to do things like interviews, favorite songs of the week, etc.  I'm not sure if I'll go as extreme as I used to with participating in book tours and stuff, that is just something I don't want to commit to anymore; but I would love to figure out some new ways to add to The Romance Bookie, that doesn't take away from the spirit.

3. Listen to at least 10 Audiobooks!

I have really gotten into listening to audiobooks while I work on art projects, and use my planner.  I got a library card to my new local library and they have a great online audiobook catalog that I have been working through.  I do count audiobooks towards my reading goal of reading 50 books.  I think I can do this one!  I think it is actually pretty low, especially since I managed to listen to 5 books in December alone, but I'm worried I'll run out of books to listen to.  But we will see!

4. Read at Least 10 Books from TBR Shelf!

I paired down my TBR Shelf quite a bit in 2021!  We moved, and it was a big move!  There is a good chance that an even bigger move is ahead for us in 2022, and we took the opportunity to really purge during our last move.  I wanted to pretty much start over my TBR shelf, so I donated a lot of books.  There were books on that shelf that I had been collecting since starting The Romance Bookie in 2010.  So many books that I picked up from Thrift Store trips and Goodwill, and they just sat and sat on my shelf, and I knew I just wasn't going to ever get to them.  It was time for them to find a new home where they could actually get enjoyed.  My taste also has changed a little since then, so I felt like I had either outgrown them, or just wasn't into it anymore.  

5. Keep up with The Romance Bookie Bookstagram!

The last few months have been a bit crazy for my family.  A lot of big changes, and while I have been reading more, I've kind of lost touch with The Romance Bookie instagram.  I just don't know what to post half the time, and I feel like a fraud.  But it is such a fun community, and I would love to become a bigger part of it.  I also love making book friends through it!  

6. Complete at least 3 Reading Challenges!

So I'm being a bit crazy this year!  I am attempting NINE different reading challenges in 2022!  Many of them thanks to the Always Fully Booked Facebook Page.  I am using my Always Fully Books Planner this year, and hope to keep up with it meticulously!  It's going to be my motivation to read this year.  I want to work on my planner, therefore I need to read.  Anyway, on the FB page, I have come across some awesome reading challenges, that I will be participating in this year!  I will be sharing those below, and you can see those above in the tabs under "2022 Reading Challenges!"  

Since, I'm participating in 9, I honestly don't expect to be able to finish them all, because I really want to have fun with my reading.  I don't want it to become a chore.  So my goal is complete at least 3 of them, which I think is very doable!


Reading is my escape.  I have mentioned this quite a bit on The Romance Bookie, and I want it to remain true.  I don't want reading to feel like a school assignment.  I finished school.  I have my bachelors, I don't need to give myself unnecessary homework assignments.  Reading is my escape from reality, and I want 2022 to keep that love, and cherish it!

And now on to the 2022 Reading Challenges I will be participating in!

1. A-Z Challenge!

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Read 26 different books that start with a letter of the alphabet.  

2. 2022 Always Fully Booked Challenge!

This is a new one for me and is a part of my Always Fully Booked Planner by Little Inkling Designs.  The designer behind Little Inkling Designs, posted a printable for the 2021 Always Fully Booked Challenge last year, and it says that 2022 is coming soon, so hopefully that will be posted soon!

This one just has 30 prompts that we need to accomplish.  

3. Reading Rainbow

This one is also pretty self explanatory.  I did this one in 2021, thanks to my Little Inkling Designs Novel Companion, which really got me started on my love for Planning.  For this challenge, you read books that have cover colors that are part of the rainbow.  So a green cover, blue, indigo, etc.  Each color equals a different book, and the color needs to be the prominent color on the cover.

4. "On the Cover" Challenge

For the "On the Cover" challenge I was also introduced to this one through my Novel Companion in 2021, so I'm excited to do this one again!  I didn't quite to get finish it, I didn't end up completing two of the prompts in 2021, so hopefully 2022 will be my year!  The prompts are different this year too, and also featured in my Always Fully Booked Planner!

5. Peanut Butter Taco 2022 Reading Challenge!

I have become obsessed with Etsy, now that I have gotten into the planner community so much.  I have Michaels very close to me, but there is just something about making your planner so unique with designs that individual people work so hard on making and putting there!  Through my new found love for planning, I came across an Etsy shop that comes recommended almost automatically when searching for Bookish planner stickers:  Peanut Butter Taco.  Through this Etsy shop, I found the Peanut Butter Taco 2022 Reading Challenge!

I am personally not going to be attempting ALL of the prompts, instead I picked ones that I knew I could do, and turned it into my own personal challenge for myself to accomplish.  

6. The Peanut Butter Taco 2022 Romance Challenge!

Another one from Peanut Butter Taco!  This one is all Romance reads, which if you've been to The Romance Bookie page before, then you know I have a thing for Romance books.  So I knew I wanted to participate in this one! 

I ended up making my own stickers for it, and again picked and chose what I wanted to read.  I also wanted to make sure they all would fit on one page in my planner.

7. LiterALLy Bookish 2022 Reading Challenge

The LiterALLy Bookish 2022 Reading Challenge, I also found through the Always Fully Booked Facebook page.  The creator of this challenge actually was kind enough to send me a bookmark with all the prompts on it, so that has been glued into my planner!

8. Creating and Co. Level Up 2022 Challenge

Another great Etsy find!  This one caught my eye, because I have a secret obsession with PacMan, and this combines PacMan graphics with reading...you know I am in!

I am not sure if I'll be doing this one in order, but I'm going to try.  I just hate having books be assigned more or less, so I'll have to see how this one goes.  But it just looked too cute to pass up!

And Last...

9. Into the Bookverse 2022 Reading Challenge

This one is also from Creating and Co on Etsy, and looked like a lot of fun.  I love the graphics that go with this, and just like the Level Up Challenge it's like a game board that you need to fill.  So I'm excited about this one!

So that's what I will be attempting to participate in 2022!  

What Reading Challenges are you trying to accomplish this year? And do you have any reading goals overall?  I'd love to hear from you!

The Romance Bookie :)


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