Monday, February 28, 2011

The Last Summer (of You and Me)

Even though I haven't been reading as much as I normally do in the past couple of weeks, it's for a good reason :).  I have been working on some other stuff.  But anyway, last week I did finish a book that has been sitting on my bookshelf for the past two years probably.  I just never came around to reading it, because I never felt like it.  Ann Brashares has a very particular style in her writing I believe. 
Many of you may remember the series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, it was a very well known series of young adult books from a few years ago.  It's been probably about 6 years since I read them myself.  I loved them, but haven't brought myself to read them again, because sometimes I found them to have a couple of dry parts.  Brashares stories are really great, in that they are very realistic.
The novel The Last Summer (of You and Me) was her first novel, I believe (I could be completely wrong), since the release of the last Sisterhood novel, and her first adult novel.  I found it in the clearance section on, which made me a little skeptical, because even though I have found some great books in the bargain section, I have also found some big flops.
However, while I was reading the novel, it did take a few days to get into it, but in the end I really loved it! I thought it has a very beautiful story, both love and tragedy.
The novel isn't a comedy, just like Brashares other books.
Anyway, you are probably wondering what the story is about:
It's about three characters, Alice, Riley, and Paul.  Alice and Riley are sisters, and Paul is the friend they grew up with during the summers on their beach estates on Fire Island, near New York.  Paul and Riley are a couple of years older than Alice, but Alice always hung with them when they were growing up.
This particular summer, where the novel takes place, is the first summer in three years that have all three been together again.  Paul has been busy with school and other things, while Alice and Riley waited each other summer for him to come; Alice more so than Riley.
Even though Riley is Paul's best friend, Paul and Alice are in love with each other.

I don't want to give away more, except that the story does show the growing romance between Paul and Alice; as well as a very sad tragedy that occurs Alice's family.

Anyway, I definitely recommend reading this book; I still see it once in a while in the bargain sections of Barnes & Noble and Borders, so you may be able to find it there.  I just read on Wikipedia (I know, probably shouldn't trust it, but it's still pretty handy :)) that Warner Brothers has bought the rights to make a movie out of it, so hopefully that will come out soon! I am definitely excited to hear and see how that turns out.

Overall Rating:

Anyway, I better get going.  I have class again soon, just like always.  I will write again soon; I am currently reading a novel involving Jane Austen classics :).
Have a Great Week!
The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I read this book a while back and remember liking it too :) and yes, I love her Traveling Pants series too.

  2. I read that Warner Brothers bought the rights to make a movie out of it too, so hopefully they will! :)