Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meg Cabot Day!!! :) Plus a Twitter Party!!!

Hey everyone!!

So tomorrow is MEG CABOT day!!!!!! :)

Which let's admit it, couldn't have come at a better time...Meg-A Readers!!! :)

So in honor of both Meg Cabot day and Meg-A Readers tomorrow we will be having a little Twitter party!!

Throughout the day we want all of you to use the hashtags #MegCabot or #becauseofMegCabot, and tweet about why you love Meg!!

It's going to be super fun, and will allow everyone to share their appreciation for Meg!! :)  And who knows, maybe Meg will even read some of your tweets??!! :)

So tomorrow is the day!! Don't forget to tweet like crazy!!!! :)

The Romance Bookie :)

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