Saturday, April 25, 2015

Meg-A Readers 2015 Sign-ups!!!

OMG I can't believe it's that time again!!!!!  And this year we have a lot of celebrating to do!!!!

Diana (Little Miss Drama Queen) and I am happy to announce the FOURTH ANNUAL MEG-A-READERS for 2015!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't our banner amazing!!!!  Thank you Diana!!

From Monday May 11th until Friday June 12th we will be celebrating Meg Cabot!  My absolute favorite author ever, Meg Cabot, has been on my book shelf since 2005, when I started reading The Princess Diaries.  Which marks the 10th anniversary of when I first read my first Meg book!!  I can't even tell you how excited I have been about this, because Meg is not only releasing ONE amazing new book, BUT TWO!!!!!!!!!!  And not only that, but one of them is one that I, along with many many other twenty something year olds have been waiting for, for many many years!!!!

Six years ago Mia Thermopolis got back together with the love of her life, Michael, and graduated high school.  Since then, all of us fans have been waiting ("very" patiently) for them to finally tie the knot.

Well it's happening!!!!!! The biggest event of the year (in my opinion, at least)!

Mia and Michael are getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!

Royal Wedding (the eleventh book in the Princess Diaries Series, and first adult book in the series) will be out June 2nd!

But before June 2nd even arrives, we will be introduced to a totally new character in Meg's life...Princess Mia's long-lost half-sister, Olivia Grace, in From the Notebooks of a Middle Grade Princess, which hits shelves on May 19th!

Yes, it's honestly a dream come true!!!! Meg is releasing TWO new books less than a month apart!!!!!!!!

So anyway, it's time to call bloggers/Meg Cabot fans over!!! Because Meg-A Readers 2015 is going to begin on May 11th and we need sign-ups!!!  

Sign-up with the link below, and Diana and I will contact you before the event begins so that we can get your preferred dates, during the event, and then things can really get going!!!

If you don't know what you would have to do...well, it's honestly very simple!

The options are endless!  You can write about how you first came across Meg Cabot.  You can write a review of any of your favorite Meg Cabot books, or one you haven't read.  Do an interview with your favorite character (I did an interview with Mia the first year, which was super fun!).  Really so many options!  And if you have an idea for a post, just email me at:

and we can discuss it! :)

So let's get that sign-up list going!!

The Romance Bookie :)

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