Monday, November 30, 2015

Update from The Romance Bookie! :)

Hey Everyone!

I know I know it's been a while.  The hiatus I put the Romance Bookie on has done me a lot of good; that being said though I have definitely missed reading!!

We are less than a few weeks away from The Romance Bookie's FIVE YEAR Blogaversary!!!  I can't believe it's been 5 years! Wow, what a ride it's been!  Not only was my world turned upside down by books and meeting such incredible authors and people in the book world, but also my overall life has changed so much!

Next month, I will be letting go of one of my jobs, because life is crazy with two jobs, five classes, and spending time with my loved ones.  I will have some much needed time off, during the winter break.  First time in three years, where I will have weekends off! Oh goodness, am I excited about that!!

In those five years, I met the most amazing man ever!  We have been together now two and a half years (December 6th), and moved in together this past summer.  To say things are going well, would be an understatement!  He is absolutely incredible!  The best thing that has ever happened in my life! He has literally made everything so much better!

I officially also only need three more semesters to graduate with my bachelors!  My semester ends in two weeks, and if all goes well for the next two weeks I will finishing this semester with ALL As in my five classes!!!  I know still two weeks to go, so I shouldn't get too excited, but I am pretty stoked, because I have never finished a semester will ALL As!  And this was my first semester at a University!!!!

While yes, I will admit, I have not finished or even started a book in a few months, I can say I have received an early copy of a much-anticipated book that isn't set to be released until early February, by an absolute favorite author of mine that I have mentioned once or twice on The Romance Bookie ;).  I will be devouring that one as soon as the semester ends in a couple of weeks.

I am also hoping to receive two other books for Christmas this year (the new Ten year anniversary of Twilight, which features a new story where Edward and Bella have switched roles! and a copy of the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone)!  And I really want to get Winter by Marissa Meyer ASAP! I would have gotten it yesterday, but unfortunately they didn't have any of those signed copies at my local Barnes and Noble, so I decided to wait, and instead get my brother the signed edition of the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Old School for Christmas!

So no worries, I haven't given up on reading...just insanely busy with life, and have honestly gotten to the point where I am enjoying life outside of books right now.  I've had this new obsession where during my free time I go shopping for new clothes.  It's a serious problem! I am running out of hangers!!!!

But anyway, you will hear back from me the latest for the 5 year blogaversary of The Romance Bookie! :)

Hope all of you (that celebrate it) had a fabulous Thanksgiving, filled with loved ones!  And that you have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Mandy @The Romance Bookie :)

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  1. What is this awesome book coming out in Feb? Now I'm intrigued :). I'm glad you and Vincent like living together, Brian and I just hit 1 year which is crazy! :P