Royal Day Out (From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess #1.5) (Novella Review)

Second book done during my summer break, and it's only week 2!!! Okay, okay, so it was a short novella, but it was a Meg Cabot novella, so of course it had to be read of course!! I finished it no time!

From Goodreads:

Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison never thought that being a real life PRINCESS OF GENOVIA could ever be boring, but with all of the news vans and paparazzi staked out in front of the palace, the whole family has been on lockdown for weeks.  So when Grandmere suggests a shopping trip to buy a small present for Princess Mia, Olivia jumps at the chance -- especially since the shopping trips comes with the promise of lunch at the Royal Genovian Yacht Club (makers of the best ice cream sundae in the world)! Surely nothing could go wrong with such a simple day out, could it?

A quick shopping trip with her royal Grandmere turns into a much bigger deal than Olivia Grace, the newest Princess of Genovia expected in this e-short edition to Meg Cabot's illustrated chapter book series From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess.

My Thoughts:

What I like most about this series is the bond between Grandmere and Olivia!  It almost feels like Grandmere has come out of this shell, and now gets to be a true grandma.  That does not mean, I don't think she was a real grandma to Mia, but she has let loose a little.  For instance, in this short, you learn that Grandmere has cut down on smoking because of Olivia telling her it is bad for her health.  She wears nicotine patches, and allows Olivia draw little dog and cat faces on them!  That is so not something that Grandmere would have allowed to happen with Mia back during the Princess Diaries days!

This was a great short read!  Only 31 pages or so!  But also just a great edition to the new series that Meg has come up with! Definitely cannot wait for more!

My Rating:

The best part of this e-short... IT'S FREE RIGHT NOW ON AMAZON!!!

Definitely check it out!

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