Sunday, August 13, 2017

From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess: Royal Crush (#3) by Meg Cabot

Hey Everyone!

So once again, it's been a few months.  I don't even know what is my life anymore, to be honest.  Let's see what has happened since my last post...

1.  I graduated!  I officially have my Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Studies!
2.  My husband and I had a wedding celebration for all our friends and family.  We had quite a bit of family from Germany come for the occasion, which was amazing <3.
3.  My husband and I got a three day mini-getaway to beautiful Palm Springs.  That was amazing!
4.  I just got a promotion for my job, and a second job!

Life has been crazy. This past year...I just don't know.  Next month, it will be a year, since I lost my dad.  That's been hitting me more and more.  Overall though, this summer has just been spent attempting to recuperate a bit.  Things have been a bit everywhere though, just taking care of a lot of things, that I couldn't while doing school.  Without the help of my amazing husband, I don't think I would be getting through stuff anymore.

It's been rough, but the other day I got a wonderful surprise in the mail, when I received Meg Cabot's newest book, From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess, Royal Crush, the third book in the Olivia Grace series!  There is something I can usually always count on to cheer me up, and get me into reading again...Meg Cabot!

From Goodreads:

From the Inside of the Book-jacket: (Normally, I use Goodreads, but that is TOTALLY the wrong description!!):

"Olivia Grace Clarisse Mignonette Harrison is turning thirteen.  Even better, she's finally starting to get the hang of this princess thing.  Just in time too, since her half-sister, Princess Mia Thermopolis, is expecting to give birth to twins any day now!
"It's pretty much the worst time possible for a school field trip, but Olivia must attend the Royal School Winter Games.  Between Grandmere chaperoning, Olivia's snobby cousin Luisa complaining about her relationship woes, and everyone insisting that Olivia has a crush on Prince Khalil (even though she isn't sure that he wants to be friends anymore!), things are quickly turning into a royal mess!"

My Thoughts:

I love this series!  Not only is Olivia Grace absolutely adorable, but it is in the world of Princess Diaries, so I get to hear about Mia and Michael, and Grandmere, and everyone else!  Mia has her twins!!! What are their names?? are just going to have to read to find out!  I was not disappointed! :)

Olivia, who is about to turn thirteen, is growing up, just like Mia in the Princess Diaries.  She has changed even from the first book!  I am really looking forward to watching her grow more and more. She has been through a lot...losing her mom at a young age, living with "family" that doesn't like her, finding out about her father, finding out that she is a princess!  That's a lot for an almost thirteen year old to take in!

Meg's humor is present, of course!  Grandmere still has her amazing sassiness.  Mia has grown A LOT!  She really is an adult now, ready to be a mommy.  I just love that so much!

Overall Rating:

My only complaint I have to wait ANOTHER YEAR for the next Meg Cabot book!!  I am really forward to what is next!

The Romance Bookie :)

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