2018 Update

Hello Everyone,

It's been a while.  August...Wow!  My 7 year blog anniversary passed in December, I failed at that.  To be honest, I don't even know what to say at this point.  I've been in a reading rut for quite some time, and trying to find something that peaks my interest, but nothing has.  It's bad.  I know my passion for reading is still there...somewhere.  I mean you don't go from reading over 100 books in a year, to nothing!  I know it will come back.

Things have been difficult, if I'm being honest.  The stress level in my life has been at a 100 for so long now, and the sad part work isn't even what is causing it!

So to give you a couple of updates about what has happened since my last post...

1. As of August I am working two jobs.  One is as an assistant teacher in a toddler classroom at a preschool.  And for my second job, I got a promotion over the summer and became the supervisor of the after school program I worked last school year.  I love both of my jobs!  Working with the children, doing office work as the supervisor, and talking to parents is actually very rewarding for me.  And while I don't have one full time job with benefits, I am working 35 plus hours a week, between both the jobs, and am honestly pretty happy right now.

2.  September 22nd, was one year since my dad passed away.  My mom had been invited by a friend to see the band U2 in concert in San Diego, so we all pushed her to go, to help keep her mind off of things.  My husband, brother, a very close family friend, and I went to a place called Firefly Ceramics, where we got to pick out a ceramic and paint it ourselves.  The store then fires it in a kiln and you get to pick it up a week later. It is a lot of fun, and was the fourth time we had gone since my birthday in July.

3.  October 4th was my husband and I's one year wedding anniversary.  We like to celebrate the date we actually got together which is June 6th, because for one, it was just too close to my dad's passing, and two we have too many anniversaries at this point!

4. December 4th, the biggest fire in California history started.  I happen to live in the small little town it started. Ojai.  Holy moly was that an insane thing to witness!  Those first couple of days, we still stayed behind, and it felt like FallOut.  Everything was just gloomy orange glow, and everyone left were just going through motions.  My husband and I evacuated with our dog, Roxy, for five nights to San Louis Obispo.  Those were the most nerve-wracking five days ever!  We were in the red for over two weeks!  That fire did so much damage.  In the end, the little town I have lived for almost twenty years now proved that it can put up a damn good fight!

That empty little space in the center, not covered in red...yeah that's where I live. Crazy right?!  Unfortunately, hundreds of home were still damaged and destroyed; for the people affected, our town came together and did everything in their power to make sure people were taken care of as much as possible, given the circumstances.

So yeah, that took up quite a bit of our time in December.  While in SLO I was able to finally use my Netflix account (we don't have internet where we live), and start watching Thirteen Reasons Why!  I'll write a post about it, when I finish it eventually! What I was able to see, was really good!

5.  The holidays blurred by.  We tried to make the best out of them.  Things have been a bit rough with taking care of family matters, so that sort of put a damper on that.  But we really tried to make the best out of it.

6.  And then now 2018 is upon us.  Well, it has already been for over a month.  Valentines already passed, and before we know it will be summer again.  Ugh, I'm turing 27 this year!!  That's still considered mid-twenties right??  It will also be NINE years since I graduated high school!  Jeez!  I started this blog a year after graduating!

2018 has been something so far.  It started off with some health problems on my side.  Dealing with those day-by-day.  We don't know a whole lot yet, it may be fixed over time, with the proper steps.  For the past month, I have been spending more time on myself, with the goal to becoming more healthy, and finally taking that step forward, instead of backwards in my weight goals.  My husband is super encouraging, he's been there every step of the way.  Every doctor appointment, and taking walks with me.  He got us a stationary bike, so the mornings I have off, I spend 20 to 30 minutes on that, and stands by encouraging me to move more.  I think I can really do it this time!  Five pounds down already!

So, anyway, for The Romance Bookie things have been insanely slow.  I want all of you reading this to know, I appreciate that you took the time out of your day to do so!  I have a couple of posts coming up hopefully!  At least one tomorrow!  I just saw Fifty Shades Freed in theaters yesterday, so I'll be writing my review for that after this.  And then my husband just finished an audiobook about a week ago, and I asked him to do a guest review, so I'm hoping I can motivate him to do that!  He totally said he would!! :)

Anyway, hope to be back soon with an actual book review.  I do miss it!

Love you all!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Sounds like you have been busy. Congrats on the weight loss! I'm trying to do that right now too (zumba + walking are my exercises usually) but it's definitely hard. and I'm glad your house(s) and everything were okay after the Ojai fire.


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