Something I'm Good At (Sol del Mar #1) by Caroline Andrus (ARC Review)

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I just got back from a fun week long road trip with my husband.  We tried to do cross country, but man is it tough being on the road for a week, let alone the three weeks we had originally planned!  We had a great time, and saw some incredible places; but road life is not the life for us!  We got home on Saturday and were so excited to hug our doggy, who stayed with her grandparents (my in-laws) while we were away! 

By the way, side note, if you're ever on the Texas side of New Mexico, or anywhere near that side of the Texas border...or if you ever get the chance to just go there; I HIGHLY recommend seeing the Carlsbad Caverns National Park in Carlsbad, New Mexico!  WOW, such a beautiful and incredible place!! My husband and I spent about five hours exploring the place, and wow, words and pictures just don't do it justice! 

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From Goodreads:

Summer was the girl who had it all: good grades, a spot on the high school volleyball team, and a best friend since elementary school.  Then she was diagnosed with lupus...and her best friend betrayed her.  Now she's cutting ties, because nobody should have to deal with someone as broken as her.

Kane is the guy who never gives up.  When he puts his mind to something, he gets it done-- no matter how many broken bones it takes.  So when a chance encounter at the urgent care throws him in the path of Summer, the girl he's secretly had a crush on for years, he's determined to win her heart.

Despite her vow to keep people away, Summer finds herself falling for Kane's charm.  Will the boy who never gives up be able to win-- and keep-- the heart of the girl who is afraid to let people in? 

My Thoughts:

***This is an ARC review!  I received this ARC thanks to NetGalley***

Such a cute book!  Before this year the subject of Lupus hadn't come up that much in my life.  When I read the synopsis of Something I'm Good At on Netgalley, it really caught my attention! We had a scare this past year from some blood work that showed irregular readings, leading to a Lupus diagnosis.  It turned out to be a false positive, which we found out after speaking to a specialist, but just hearing that word, scared us so much.  

I truly enjoyed Something I'm Good At by Caroline Andrus.  Lupus is not a common subject spoken about, let alone written about.  Especially in YA fiction, so it was good to bring more awareness into the world; especially in a way that will get a younger audience to read about it.  

Summer is just a scared teenager who has had world ripped out of her hands, and doesn't know what to do with it.  Kane comes along at just the right moment, and helps her, unknowingly to him,  find her way again; even changes have been made that she can't help.  

Overall Rating:


This is a cheesy novel.  Kane is not the normal teenage boy you read about or see in the real world.  He puts his feelings out there, and is not afraid to do so.  And while there are some cheesy, somewhat over-the-top moments, it was still a really adorable read, and I really enjoyed getting to know Caroline Andrus's characters.  Also I like cheesy! 🧀

 I am definitely going to be keeping my eyes open for the other novels in the series!  This is the first, and it only came out last week, so I'm sure I'm going to have to wait; but I can't wait to see who Caroline Andrus writes about next in the "Sol del Mar" series!  

Side note: I am also pretty sure that the setting for this novel is based on the city right outside of my little town!  I can't wait to hear more about it, and see if I find more similarities!

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