The Upside of Falling Down by Rebekah Crane

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I found this really great sounding book on Amazon for my new Kindle, and I found myself reading it, and just couldn't get enough of it!  So I finished it!

From Goodreads:

For Clementine Haas, finding herself is more than a nice idea.  Ever since she woke up in an Irish hospital with complete amnesia, self-discovery has become her mission. 

They tell her she's the lone survivor of a plane crash.  They tell her she's lucky to be alive.  But she doesn't feel lucky.  She feels...lost. 

With the relentless Irish press bearing down on her, and a father she may not even recognize on his way from America to take her home, Clementine assumes a new identity and enlists a blue-eyed Irish stranger, Kieran O'Connell, to help her escape her forgotten life...and start a new one.

Hiding out in a sleepy town of Waterville, Ireland, Clementine discovers there's an upside to a life that's fallen apart.  But as her lies grow, so does her affection for Kieran, and the truth about her identity becomes harder and harder to reveal, forcing Clementine to decide: Can she leave her past behind for a new love she'll never forget?

My Thoughts:

This book wrapped me up in its little fingers and would not let me go!  I truly enjoyed every moment of it!  I'm not sure I've read a book like this before?!  I thought Rebekah Crane did a really good job with the details, and with a story like this, you have to keep everything straight, because one mistake will make it unimpressionable.  She did awesome!  I was enthralled the entire time, and really believed the story of Clementine Haas, or should I say Jane?

I tend to love Young Adult/New Adult books that take place in Europe, because they always end up being so much fun!  I love reading about the different areas of Europe, and this book made me want to book a plane and head to Ireland to see the beautiful green landscapes and oceanside.  And I live by the ocean!!  I told my husband while reading, I really hope we make it to Ireland one day together, I would love to see it with him!

Overall Rating:

I truly truly enjoyed Jane/Clementine's story.  I loved the twist at the end, I did not see that coming!  Once it was revealed pieces started fitting together though!  I had a premonition at the beginning, but that ended up being wrong.  I loved what Rebekah Crane did with this book!  I recommend highly to fans of Traveling Young Adult, romances, if you want a nice twist.  To be fair, I have always been pretty bad at seeing the obvious endings, so maybe it was obvious, but I didn't think so with this one. She did a great job keeping me on my toes, and wanting to know the past life of Clementine Haas, and the future for Jane Middleton!

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  1. This sounds good - bookmarking on Goodreads :).

    1. Yay!! If you have prime it should be free to borrow! :)


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