Friday, June 24, 2011

Jane Eyre

So hey, it's been longer than usual, but this last novel took me a little while.  Jane Eyre is one of the most classic romance novels of all time.  Written by my favorite Bronte sister, Charlotte Bronte, it's a great romance novel that every girl should read at least once their life.  Such classic love, with the soft innocent touch that novels in the 1800s had, compared to todays sexually charged young adult and adult romances.  I found this novel to be easier to read than other Old English novels that I have read, such as Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights (Wuthering Heights being by Charlotte's sister Emily Bronte).  However, to be fair, I tried reading Pride and Prejudice about five years ago, so I may find it better now...

So anyway, Jane Eyre is the story of, well none other than...Jane Eyre! Life's been tough for Jane.  Her parents died when she was very young, and was forced to live with her uncle and aunt.  After her uncle dies, her aunt is the only one left to take care of her, however, she treats Jane terribly, along with her three children.  Jane's aunt ends up sending Jane to a charity school where she stays until she is eighteen.  At that age she gets a job as a governess, at the Thornfield Manor.  There she works under the eye of Mr. Rochester, a wealthy independent bachelor, who is twenty years Jane's senior. 

After spending much time with Mr. Rochester, they fall deeply in love with each other.  The cover page of the version of Jane Eyre that I have had the best description for the story "Love Conquers All".

Mr. Rochester and Jane make plans to marry, however, plans are stopped when a secret comes out that Mr. Rochester has been keeping for years...

...that's all I am going to give away ;).  But I truly enjoyed this love story.  It was so genuine and great to be reading it; I felt as if I was witnessing Jane Eyre's and Mr. Rochester love forming first hand.

Overall Rating:

That's it from me again! Happy Summer!

Oh and up next...City of Ashes, the second in the Mortal Instrument Series!

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  1. So I usually can't muddle through older books ... I made it about 3/4 through Jane Eyre though. I had just seen the new movie (w/ Mia Wasikowski/Michael Fassbender) and wanted to read it. Interesting story though. :)

  2. Oh the movie is coming to my local town's theater for the Summer Film Festival on July 10th so hopefully I can go see it then! :)