Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Making Me Feel Like I was "Along for the Ride"

I read Along for the Ride for the first time the summer after I graduated, which now is two years ago.  It was one of my summer reading books, and made my grandmother, who was at the time visiting my family and me, furious, because I couldn't put it down.  At the time, it had been one of the, maybe, three or four Sarah Dessen books I had read.  And let me just add: It instantly became my absolute favorite!  In fact it's one of the novels on my Top 5 Favorites.

The novel is about Auden, a recent high school graduate who has spent her life never having had a true childhood.  Her parents divorced when she was younger, and now her father has remarried and had a new baby girl.  Her mother has always been a tough-love kind of person, and her big brother has been in Europe for the past two years, mooching off of their parents.