Monday, July 11, 2011

"City of Ashes" Book 2 in Mortal Instrument Series!!

In City of Ashes by Cassandra Clare, book 2 in the Mortal Instrument Series, the action continues.  This novel took me a couple of weeks to read, but only because I have been way too busy this past month, that I haven't had as much time to read as I would have liked.  However, now I think my reading time is back!

Just like the first book City of Bones this one left me wanting more.  Unfortunately, it will probably be a little while before I read the third one, because right now I have as least five books on my reading list which are taking up priority.  However, I will read it eventually! Promise!

City of Ashes had a wider ranges of point of views.  Unlike the first one, which mainly focused on Clary and Jace (the two main characters), this one also had sections where you got to know other characters better, including at least one new one.  You get more of Simon (Clary's best friend), Luke (Clary's pretty-much adopted father), and Alec (who is Jace's adopted brother) as well as meeting Jace's adopted parents and Alec and Isabelle's real parents: The Lightwoods, and their little brother, Max; and a new character is introduced, who I think will be coming back in the third novel, Maia, the young werewolf from Luke's pack; who runs quite into some undeserved trouble in this book.

In this book we get to see more into Clary's and Simon's relationship (which became heated in the first novel), and how it gets complicated due to some life-changing events that happen to Simon.  Jace and Clary's relationship is something the Clary is trying to forget, and Jace is still trying to pursue, even though in the first novel the reader learns that they are actually brother and sister (it's complicated, and to find out more you are just going to have to read the books, because I don't want to give away anymore that I have already, regarding their relationship :) ).  However, both Clary and Jace are having difficulties hiding their feelings, because deep down they know they love each other.  When it comes to Clary and Jace's complicated relationship think: Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia from Star Wars.

The action that takes place in this novel involves the return of Jace and Clary's long-lost father, who is planning on destroying the Clave (sort of like the Monarchy, or other power source, of the Downworlders and Shadowhunters); by stealing the Mortal Instruments.  What are the Mortal Instruments?  Well, they consist of three (maybe four) items that are highly important to the Clave.  To find out what they are and what exactly they do, you will need to read the books! :).  If these things sound even remotely interesting to you, and you like adventure, magic, mythical creatures, a little bit of romance, and action than I think you will truly enjoy this series!

Overall Rating:

That's it from me again! Coming up next is Sarah Dessen's newest novel What Happened to Goodbye...!!!! Have a great week!

The Romance Bookie :)

P.S.  I finally got to see the newest adaptation of the classic novel Jane Eyre yesterday!  And I loved it!  I think they did a great job making the film as similar to the novel as possible!  The only thing I missed in the film that I was looking forward to, was when Rochester pretends to be a Psychic reader, and asks all the single ladies of the house to come in to see him individually, when he tries to prove to himself that the woman he was at first thinking about marrying before Jane, wanted him because she loved him not because of his money.  But other than that, I really enjoyed the movie, just like I enjoyed the classic novel :).

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