Sunday, November 13, 2011

To be honest...I don't really know what to think...

So it's taken me a while, but I've finished Mockingjay (the third and final Hunger Games book).  You know something...I really don't know what to think about the ending to this series.

I do wish I could ask what was going through Suzanne Collins brain as she was writing the third book; I think that would be extremely interesting!  But since I can't do that, I will just have to accept how she decided to end everything.  Jeez, I don't even know where to start...

So first, I guess, a little about what goes on in Mockingjay. 

Katniss is in District 13...yes, the district that supposedly does not exist anymore, and in fact, hasn't for centuries.  But as it turns does, except according to most everyone outside of District 13, because they only see what's on top of the earth; instead, District 13 does live...but underground.  And to Katniss's surprise...they are actually thriving!  Almost as good as the Capital, in fact. 

An uprising has begun, and Katniss has started it.  Peeta was captured by President Snow, of the Capital, after Katniss was rescued by the people of District 13.  Gale, her mother, sister are the only surviving loved ones with her.  Will Peeta surivive?  Will her family survive? Or will anyone of her loved ones be with her? In fact, will Katniss even survive?  And then OF COURSE, the main question I've been asking myself the entire time...Who will Katniss choose?? Peeta or Gale??

The questions I've been asking myself throughout reading the entire series, were finally answered for me.  I had read on Goodreads, before I had read the book myself, that a lot of people were complaining that a lot of questions were left unanswered; but I personally didn't think that was the case.  I thought a lot was answered, (a little quickly actually, everything ended very fast), but answered none the less.

Now, to what I thought over all...

I know not all books end happily...and to expect Katniss to live happily ever after, after everything that had happened in her life, is absolutely absurd; so I understand why Suzanne Collins ended the series the way she did.  I actually think a lot of readers will be surprised by the overall out come; I know I fact, I cried (once again in a book haha ;)), near the end.  I didn't cry because it was over, which believe it or not has been the case for some book series, but because of the outcomes.

This series is extremely intense I believe.  It's COMPLETELY different than the Twilight Saga, I seriously, actually don't understand how anyone can compare those two book series with each other.  Te similarities end at: Young Adult novels.

So, I guess, in the end I have figured out what I thought about this series...and even though it didn't exactly end how I was hoping (even though, to be honest, I had not even a thought on how I wanted it to end, because it was so complicated in deciding), I do think overall the books were great.  My favorite was definitely Catching Fire (#2 in the series), mainly because it had the most going on; it kept me on my toes completely through.  The conclusion, Mockingjay, was an overall good...I don't know if that's the right I guess...understandable ending.

Now that's it from me once again, I hope everyone had a great weekend.  I'm off to watch "Once Upon a Time" on ABC right now.

The Romance Bookie :)

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