Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Music Tuesday #71

Hello!! Music Tuesday Time!! :)

This week's song is a favorite for the shower!  So I know it isn't the usual style of music that most people want to listen to when listening to their iPod, but what most of you may not know about me is that I am a huge Musical junkie! Love them!

So here's one of my favorites! Especially for the shower, where everything echos nicely! :)

Think of Me from Phantom of the Opera!  (This is the movie version sung by Emmy Rossum!)

The Romance Bookie <3


  1. I LOVE musicals! I listen to so much classical music and so many songs from musicals that I probably can't even name a popular song out right now.

    1. Me too! :) I love this movie! I saw it at the Pantages a few years ago, and liked, but my favorite one was definitely Wicked!! :)