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Fifty Shades of Grey (Movie Review)

***WARNING!!!***This Post Contains Content NOT intended for anyone under the age of 18!!!***

Hey Everyone!!

So the other day, my amazing boyfriend went with me to see Fifty Shades of Grey in XD (or IMAX, depending on what theater you go to).

What was cool was that because it was a Tuesday and the show was at 4 in the afternoon, we were literally THE ONLY people in the entire theater!!!  So it kind of felt like a private showing for just the two of us!!!!

I know, I know, I am very late in reviewing this one; since everyone who wanted to see it, saw it most likely during opening weekend.  We just couldn't get ourselves to do it.  Valentine's Day was spent as a quiet evening, making dinner, and watching a movie in bed, which honestly our preferred choice any day of the week.

But anyway, lets get to the review!!!

From IMDb:

Literature Student Anastasia Steele's life changes forever when she meets handsome, yet tormented, billionaire Christian Grey.

My Thoughts:

First off, I'm just going to start right off the bat by saying that I actually enjoyed this movie.  They did a great job of making it very much so like the book.  I mean, to be fair, it's been a while since I read the book (3 years now, I think), but besides cutting out some of the hard-core sex (which I was actually okay, myself, and I being the only one it seems like), it was pretty much exactly how I remember the book being.  It still had some surprisingly intense sex scenes, minus some of the gross nudity, that would have, quite-frankly, just have made it a taste-less porn.

While grotesquely brutal in some scenes, when it comes to the BDSM, the book is still, in my opinion, considered a fairly classy erotica novel.

I liked Dakota Johnson's portrayal of Anastasia Steele quite a bit more, then some of the times I imagined Ana being, as I was reading.

Appearance wise, I loved Jamie Dornan!  He was the perfect choice for Christian Grey!  He just has that classy, clean-cut appearance, yet serious business man aspect I was looking for.  I had NOT been excited at all when they had announced Charlie Hunnam to be Christian Grey, because while I'm sure he could have cleaned up nicely, all they kept showing were pictures of him as his Son's of Anarchy character, and I just couldn't see him as Christian!!

Anyway, while Jamie had the looks, there were moments I wasn't too impressed by his acting.  And it wasn't even his fault, most likely!  There were moments you could see him shaking as he touched Ana, or when he was pouring the champagne, which was probably supposed to represent him trying to control himself (just like Edward in Twilight), but to me at times it just didn't show the confidence that Christian is supposed to have, and instead showed him being portrayed as vulnerable and unsure of his actions.

Another thing that bugged me, and once again was not the actors fault, but more likely the nagging from EL James, was the dialogue.

When Christian gets around to saying the famous line "I'm fifty shades of fucked up,", we started laughing in the theater.  I know it's supposed to some surreal moment for Ana, but honestly it just sounded so weird, and terrible out loud.

There were a few lines, that were taken directly from the novel, and put into the movie, that were just sort of laughable.

Now to the sex I imagined before, while there weren't as much nudity as some may have wanted, there is still some.  You see Dakota naked quite a few times, and you do get the pleasure of seeing Jamie's (of course) sexy backside, plus a glimpse of his bush (if that's something you're into).  The sex, and BDSM, that is portrayed in the book, is definitely there.  Christian's dominant side definitely comes out in Jamie's acting.  Once again, it was pretty surreal actually seeing it come alive on screen.

I liked Dakota's portrayal of Ana, because she didn't seem like the naive, and sometimes, let's just be honest, stupid, anti-feminism character that Ana can be in the book.  She was more confident, yet still showed her shy-side, but also told Christian, from the beginning, what bothered her.  Which I'm sure Ana did in the book too, but it just honestly came better across on the big screen.  I think my biggest problem, which I also had with the book, was how NOT believable it was that Ana was a virgin.  I really don't think a virgin would be as comfortable with what Christian is into.  She took it way too well.  But once again that is the point of view of the Author's not the actors or screenwriters.

So overall I would give it...

I give it such a high rating, because of how well Hollywood did with the book to movie adaptation.  It really was a lot like the book I thought.  The majority of the details were there, and there was honestly not much I could complain about, that isn't the book's fault.

I actually think I might buy this one when it comes out, just to add it to my book to movie collection.

I will say though, if you haven't read the books, or weren't a fan of the books, you might not like it.  Only because of some of the cheesy dialogue, which honestly were always quotes from the book.

So I hope everyone is having a good week! It's actually been a good one for me, I got into the University I really want to go to in the Fall, so I was extremely excited! Plus I also got a super exciting package in the mail the other day, containing two books by my absolute favorite author that I might just share with you later on, it will probably lead into some exciting news, regarding a certain event that a fellow blogger and I have been hosting the past four years ;).

But that news probably won't come for a couple more months! But stay tuned!! :)

The Romance Bookie :)

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  1. You're more generous than I was in my review, lol :). I thought she did a great job as Ana but he was just okay, I gave it 3/5 and a Maybe.