Saturday, February 8, 2014

Vampire Academy (Movie Review)

So guys, I've been on the Vampire Academy craze for the past two weeks now!  I've become absolutely addicted to the books! Addicted! In fact, before I even finished the first one I drove to Barnes and Noble, renewed my membership, and bought book two!  I haven't done that in the longest time! I swear! In fact, the last time I did that was during my Twilight craze in 2008, during my senior year of high school.  Hmm...vampires make me do crazy things, I guess. ;)

Anyway, tonight I saw Vampire Academy, the movie!  After reading the book, I forced myself not to see any trailers, because I wanted to be 100% surprised going in.

And this morning, I was hearing some early reviews, saying how awesome it was and how close to the book it was! So naturally, I was excited!

Well...I'm just going to go straight to the point...


I'm sorry, I honestly don't use that word very often ("Hate"), but honestly that was one of the WORST movies I have ever paid money to see!! No joke! WORST!!!  All that's going through my head is, "NO wonder why they aren't turning more fantasy YA novels into movies, if they creating this crap!"

So much was wrong with it! Where to even begin??!!

How about the acting...AWFUL! Extremely overly cheesy!  While we're at acting, let's discuss casting choices...Dimitri, played by Danila Kozlovsky...while he had the awkwardness of Dimitri down, plus not to mention the Russian accent, he looked too old!  He's actually only 28 in real life, but I personally thought the hair and the muscles in his neck made him look way older than the 24 years Dimitri is supposed to fact, so old, it almost creeped me out when he looked adoringly at Rose.

Next...dialogue!  Oh goodness, what a cheese fest!  While some lines were funny (like "Lissa shopped at Hot Topic...but then she turned 12!"), but at the same time, with the poor acting, cheap looking camera angles and directing, they just came off all wrong.  They used some quotes from the book, and while I laughed at them during the movie, it wasn't in the way I laughed at them when I read was laughing at how awful they were performed.

I'm sorry, I'm honestly a nice person...or so I have been told by many people, so reading this may make that shocking...but I'm just so mad at how badly Hollywood ruined this one!

Now to one thing they changed and I have to mention...what was that whole thing with Ms. Karp????????????? REALLY???!!! Hollywood had to add that snid-bit at the end where they get it ready for movie #2 to be made??

NO!!!! I'm sorry, but that is one movie that I will not be paying my hard earned money to see!  I will wait for it to come on Netflix, like the rest of the RIP Hollywood Bombs.

Soo what do I rate it?

Let's see, if you haven't already guessed...

Poster from

I knew there was a reason why the poster bothered me so much, even before I saw the movie!  This was like a terrible MTV Cable movie! I'm sorry for being so harsh, but I just can't recommend this one, and I have no idea what Hollywood was even thinking.

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  1. Wow! I haven't read the books but the movie looked okay. There was a screening of it here on Thurs. but I chose to see About Last Night, because it looked good PLUS Kevin Hart was there in person for a Q&A.

    I'll "see" you at 1 (10 for you), also. :)