Friday, June 12, 2015

Meg-A Readers 2015 Week 5! Final Week!

Hey Everyone!!!

I can't believe Meg-A Readers is already over!!! I'm so sad, with how little I was able to do this year! I have this whole plan of reading all the Meg Cabot books I haven't read yet (which pretty much is just the Allie Finkle series and Meg's Historical Romances), but of course life took over!

So instead today, on this last day of the 2015 Meg-A Readers I am going to celebrate that it has been TEN YEARS since I picked and read my first Meg Cabot book!  The sad part is that I wouldn't even be able to tell you which book by Meg Cabot was the first I read!  I think it may have either been All-American Girl or the first Princess Diaries.  I think it was PD though, because I remember going to library at my high school, freshman year, needing a book to read so I could accumulate 1,000 pages in independent reading for my English class.  I saw the first PD book on the shelf, and thought, "Oooh I loved that movie! Why not?!"

And that was the beginning of a wonderful friendship!

Mia and I spent our entire high school years together.  We were Freshmen together, sophomores, juniors, and seniors together.  We even graduated together!  Well, Mia graduated in January of 2009, when the last book came out, and I read it; and then I followed in June of 2009.  But still!  She got me ready for the end of high school!  I had tears in my eyes, as I shut that book; because it felt like the end of a beautiful friendship.

But what I soon realized was that the beauty of books is that they will never leave you!  Those friends you made will always be there! All you have to do is open that book again!

So that's what I did!  Almost every year since my graduation from high school, I have either reread the complete PD series, or just #3 and/or #10, because those are my two favorites!

Getting to read Royal Wedding this past March, was honestly a dream come true.  I was one of the many fans BEGGING Meg to write another PD novel!  BEGGING!!!!!  I couldn't believe my luck when I received that Advanced Copy in the mail!!  It was an incredible feeling, and it really felt as if The Romance Bookie had made it...I mean seriously, to me Royal Wedding was one of the most anticipated reads for A LOT of people this year...and me, The Romance Bookie, ACTUALLY RECEIVED A COPY IN THE MAIL MONTHS BEFORE IT WAS EVEN RELEASED!!!!!!

It was so cool!

So before I go, I have to say a HUGE thank you to Meg Cabot of course.  You've been such an amazing supporter of The Romance Bookie, and while I know you may not have the time to read this, I just wanted it to be known to anyone who has never tried your books...TRY THEM!! I think you'll will at the very least find at least ONE book from Meg that you will enjoy! :)

Thanks everyone for a great year again!! Thank you to everyone that participated!!!  You guys are amazing!! :)

As a Thank you I'm holding one last giveaway for this years Meg-A Readers!!

This is a little unusual, but THIS GIVEAWAY IS FOR MEG-A READERS PARTICIPANTS ONLY!!!!!!!!!

It's not much, but a little something, if you're interested!

It's a copy of the second Abandon book, Underworld.  I wish I had a copy for all of you, but unfortunately that is all I have left...:(

This giveaway is US SHIPPING ONLY!!!  But if you're an international participant, send me an email at:

and I'll try to get together a little swag envelope for you!  It may not all be Meg Cabot stuff, but I'm sure as a reader you'll enjoy it! :)

So anyway here you guys go...THANK YOU for all you did! :)

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Mandy @The Romance Bookie :)

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