Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Letter to Ericka L. James

Hello Everyone!

Please excuse the absence right now...I'm moving!!! :)  So to say things are a little crazy is an understatement... :)

Anyway, I've had it, and I'm done keeping my mouth shut!

I want to apologize to a certain author, so I have decided to write her a letter here on The Romance Bookie, to show her that not all of us in the book world are like the people who treated her so poorly in the last couple of days.

Dear Ericka L. James,

I want to apologize to you, and tell you I am so sorry for the way you have been treated in the last days, and even over the past couple of years by some people in this world.  

While I know you are strong, I know it can also be tough, to just hear nothing but negativity from the world, who don't appreciate what you do; I want you to know, there are way more people in the world who DO appreciate what you and so many of our favorite authors do for a living.

Not only are you a successful published author, but you are one those kind people who hasn't forgotten about her readers.  You show us every day, by answering their questions, Facebook messages, tweets, how much you appreciate them.  

You're amazing, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

It doesn't matter what people think!  

Anyway, I wanted to apologize for the way the book world has treated you, because to be honest, I am beyond disappointed!  I haven't as much a part of this world, as I once was, due to life taking over, but honestly, now I understand why it might have been a good thing...if this is how this world has become.  

What those people did to you yesterday was just straight out bullying!  

No one deserves what you had to go through!  All of those people involved should be ashamed of themselves.  Because no matter how much you may dislike a person (which lets be honest, how can they?  They don't even know you?!) or there book, no one should have the right to bash and put someone down like that.

While some question you're success, all I have to say to you is kudos.  You've done amazingly, and you've definitely treated your fans better, then a lot of others.  You've never talked badly about your fans, or how annoyed you are of them.  You've never shown anything but appreciation!  

That's what makes a great author.

I enjoyed your books, they were definitely a guilty pleasure!  I will admit, they aren't in my top favorites...hope you don't take that the wrong way; but none the less, I did enjoy them.  But you know even if I hadn't, I would never think about bashing you or any author for that matter!  I look up to what you do; and can only hope one day, to even have one of my works published!

So again I'm sorry with the way you've been treated.  This letter represents all of your fans who appreciate and love you for everything you've done!

Here's a song to you, that's helped me a little over the past week as I move out of my parents house...a good pick me up, because always remember you are "One in a Million" <3

With Love, 

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. What a sweet gesture! I just read some of the Tweets she got, harsh! I'll admit, the 50 Shades books were not my favorites either. I actually got bored with all the explicit parts and skipped over them. They were not exactly what I would consider a literary masterpiece, but I COULD tell that E.L. James sincerely loved her characters and cared about the story and that says something.

    Also, as someone who works in IP law, I have no idea why people accuse her of copyright infringement. She may have started the story as a Twilight fan fic, but she clearly made major changes to the story to make it her own. Sorry but arrogant male characters and naive wholesome female characters are commonplace and Stephanie Meyer did not invent them.

    Anyway, I hope E.L. James is laughing all the way to the bank. I would if I were here.

    1. I completely agree Karen! Those tweets were extremely harsh! And I also agree, if her books were "copyright infringement" then they one of the biggest publishers wouldn't have published them! Also if readers want to go there then I guess you could also say Stephenie Meyer also did it by using vampires! She definitely wasn't the first to use arrogant male characters!

      Thanks :)