Monday, December 12, 2011


Do you see this??? All I have to say is: HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY TO THE ROMANCE BOOKIE!!! YES!

Today was such an awesome day!

I know I said that I wouldn't start In My Mailbox until the New Year, but I just HAD HAD HAD!!! to share this!  I mean look at it! Isn't it beautiful??!! And you want to know the best part?? I got ALL of these books for FREE!!!!!

A friend of mine was getting rid of ALL of these books, and she told me I could take whatever I want! And you know, I can never say no to FREE books!

Did I mention they were free???

Anyway, here's what I got: (and a couple of these were even on my wishlist on Barnes and Noble) :):
  • After: Amy Efaw
  • Kissing Annabel: Steven Herrick
  • Bottled Up: Jaye Murray
  • Far From You: Lisa Schroeder
  • Tricks: Ellen Hopkins
  • Chasing Brooklyn: Lisa Schroeder
  • Two Way Street: Lauren Barnholdt
  • Bras & Broomsticks: Sarah Mlynowski (I read this one a few years ago, and remember it being really cute, so I wanted to read it again :))
  • Back When We Were Grown-Ups: Anne Tyler
  • Criss Cross: Lynne Rae Perkins
  • The Mother-Daughter Bookclub
  • Before I Die: Jenny Downham (this one has been on my wishlist for a while :))
  • The Perks of Being a Wallflower: Stephen Chbosky (this one has a movie being released next year, with Emma Watson (from Harry Potter), so I'm interested in reading this one)
  • The Secret Language of Girls: Frances O'Roark Dowell (wishlist :))
  • Carter Finally Gets It: Brent Crawford
  • Impulse: Ellen Hopkins 
  • Glass: Ellen Hopkins
  • The Sky is Everywhere: Jandy Nelson
Now that's what I call a great load!! I am REALLY looking forward to reading all of these! Of course, it will take me a while haha; but over these next couple of years, I am sure I will enjoy each one of these :).

Also, I told you guys yesterday that I got to go to the Ronald Reagan Library today.  I have wanted to go there for a quite some time now, and never had the chance before today.  So I wanted to share with you guys some of the pictures I took while there.
1900-1909 tree

1700-1709 era tree
The Wild West Era Tree
1910-1919 tree

The Roaring Twenties Tree      
1930-1939 tree

1940-1949 tree

1950-1959 (like the Barbie? :))

2000-2009 (Mrs. Nancy Reagan actually came to decorate this tree a couple of weeks ago)

This is a love letter President Reagan sent to Nancy Reagan on Mother's Day

Loved this quote!

The Oval Office Desk (I asked, there isn't a twin in England #NationalTreasure)

Oval Office
Air Force One (Nixon through 2001 Bush rode in this plane)
Reagan's Limo
Santa Claus?? Where's the Sleigh??

Reagan's Memorial

I loved this trip! The "library" (which is actually a museum, not an actual library where you can check out books!! Yes, I asked :)), is SO beautiful! It was extraordinary looking around.  The thing that probably stood out to me the most, is how romantic Reagan must have been with Nancy!  Me being the hopeless romantic, read a few of the love letters on display that Reagan had given to Nancy throughout their marriage.  Did you know he gave her over 700 letters?? I thought that was so sweet.

So that was my day today.  I think it was definitely a great way to spend the first anniversary of The Romance Bookie! :).

I hope everyone had a great day, and I will most likely be writing again tomorrow, because I am ALMOST done with my book!! So talk to you all tomorrow again :).

The Romance Bookie :)

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