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Meg-A Readers Recap Week 6-The Read-a-Thon and review! (GIVEAWAY!!)

Hey Everyone!!

Week 6 of Meg-A Readers is over, and I'm here to share with you all the awesomeness of this week! :)

We've got some awesome questions already to ask Meg for the Meg-A Readers last recap interview!  Keep asking those questions!!

And then we also had the Meg Cabot Read-a-Thon to mark off the halfway point of Meg-A Readers!!  Only 6 more weeks and Meg-A Readers is already over! ;(

So anyway, here's what I accomplished in this week's Read-a-Thon:

I read:

So for this week's Meg-A Readers post, I'll be doing a review on those short stories! :)

The first one:

Reunion, which is written in the same format as Meg's Boy Series, aka emails, is super cute! It's about Mary and Jo getting emails from their former Senior Class President, letting them know about the ten year high school reunion that is happening.  Jo and Mary go back and forth about how they don't want to go, but in the end, after a series of events, may have a change of heart...

Super cute, and made me miss that Boy Series! May need to read those again one of these days! ;)

Second story:

Back to School, is the story of about a girl getting ready for her first day of her last year of high school.  She thinks everything is going to be different, that this year it is her turn to be Miss Popular, with all the right clothes, makeup, and hairstyles.  But unfortunately, reality sinks in when she gets to school and finds everything is exactly the same...until her first day of college, when she has had a change of heart and finds other things are more important.  She may have discovered some important things about herself.

Third story:

You Rock, Jen Greenley is the story Meg based her novel Teen Idol on. This one dealt with bullying, and standing up for what you think is important.  Great message! :)

Fourth story:

Girls Guide to New York Through the this one brought some great memories from Meg's Princess Diaries series, because it was written in the same list form that Mia uses throughout her diaries.  Mia even had a few lists depicting movies!  This was great, because it showed what movies' interpretations of New York is, versus the reality Meg found when she moved there in 1989.  Loved it!

Overall rating:

It's Meg Cabot!  39 pages of cuteness! Definitely recommend it! And what can go's FREE!!

So now to the recap of this week! :)

We did have two posts scheduled, but unfortunately one of our participants was having some technical difficulties, which of course happens.  She let me know, and we're hoping she will be able to post at a later date.  We're definitely looking forward to her post :).

This week we did have one fabulous post by Bekah, over at Wimsy Reviews!  She wrote about how Meg helped her introduce her to other favorites, and her journey of finding Meg's other works.  :)

Thank you Bekah!! Truly enjoyed reading that one! :)

So that's it for this weeks recap!

However, before I's time for a new GIVEAWAY!!! :)

This week for Meg-A Readers I'm giving away a SIGNED Meg Cabot paperback copy of The Boy Next Door!!! :) This is the first book in the boy series! :)

This Giveaway is USA ONLY!! I'm sorry!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway See you all next week! :)

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