Friday, August 23, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones Movie Review

***WARNING!!! May Contain Spoilers!!!!***

Hey Everyone!!

So after what feels like years and years of waiting (in reality it was 2 years) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie FINALLY came out Wednesday! And I saw it right away Wednesday evening!!!!!!!

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So let's see where to begin...overall, when not comparing it to the book I liked it.  I am a bit different to most people on the opinion of book to movie adaptations, in that I'm very open to their interpretations.

Overall, what brought my heart to ease was knowing how much say Cassandra Clare had in the making of this movie, so for the most part I'm sure that the changes that were made, Cassie was okay with.

So let's see changes I noticed...and this is going to be a bit difficult, because it has been over two years since I read City of Bones...

I noticed that they added a few things into the first movie, that didn't actually happen until the second book.

They changed Hodge's character's outcome.  In the book Hodge disappoints everyone, and in this one he does but decides to change back sides.

Magnus had a much bigger role in the book.  Also, while his costume was funny at his party, it wasn't "Crazy" enough in my opinion.

THEY TOTALLY SKIPPED the part where Simon gets turned into a rat by the vampires at Magnus's party!!  SKIPPED IT!!

They didn't even introduce Isabel and Alec's parents and brother.

They didn't bring in the Clave, only mentioned them a couple of times.

The ending, was pretty much just totally different from the book.  Someone online said that they put like half of the second book into the movie, which makes me worry a little...what's going to happen with the second movie??  It's already in pre-production, so it's looking like they will be making one, even though the movie didn't do as great as they hoped on opening day (only $3 million).

Overall... when not comparing it to the book there were a lot of great elements.  I LOVED the effects!! Like the dog demon at the beginning of the movie, after Clary's mom was kidnapped! LOVED that one!! It looked so awesome!

Oh the first kiss scene...I actually laughed, that's how cheesy it was.  I never do it!  I like cheesy, but with Demi Lovato's song (which, don't get me wrong, I love her music, but it just did not fit into the movie!!  It belonged in the credits in my opinion)

I actually really liked Lily Collins as Clary.  I will admit however, I am not a huge fan of Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace.  Acting wise he did good!  However, appearance wise...I'm going to be totally brutally honest here, and say he looks like a drug addict.  Jace is described as sort of built in the books, I mean he fights demons and gets a serious work out daily!  But Bower looks almost scrawny in the movie, his face is extremely sucked in.  I still think Alex Pettyfer would have made the perfect Jace!

So now to the overall rating...

I'm still honestly hoping they will make the second one. I, along with the hundreds of thousands of Mortal Instruments, am pretty disappointed about what they made out of it.  Just totally bummed.  I saw Percy Jackson: Sea of Monster that same morning, and I liked it more than City of Bones...and I have been looking forward to COB since I read the book TWO YEARS AGO!!!!

So anyway, that's it from me today.  I'll be writing a review of Percy Jackson very soon too! :)

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  1. I'm confused by your last paragraph - what were you disappointed by? This movie, or the 2nd book?

    Thanks for writing the comparisons! I was interested in seeing that. The dog demon was SCARY at the beginning too!

  2. Thank god! I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't absolutely love the film. I keep reading so many reviews raving over how great it was, and I was kinda mehish about it.

    I TOTALLY agree about the Magnus Bane thing. He just didn't do it justice. I am seriously worried about how they are going to do the second movie because they changed so much.

  3. Only 3 million??? I am very surprised then that there will be a second movie. I liked this movie. I thought it was pretty good.