Friday, August 2, 2013

Meg-A Readers Week 5 Recap (ASK MEG A QUESTION!!!)

Hey Everyone!! :)

Diana and I are so excited for this week's recap!!

So Diana and I found out something super exciting last week!!  Meg will be doing another interview for Meg-A Readers this year!!! How awesome is Meg??!! Like seriously??!!!

So since Diana and I both asked the questions to Meg last year to end Meg-A Readers, this year we want to ask YOU to ask the questions!!

So here's what we want you all to do!

In the comments of either my recap here, or Diana's over at Little Miss Drama Queen, we want you to ask any question you have for Meg, involving your favorite Meg Cabot book, a recent release, upcoming releases, any new news to share?, whatever!  We want your questions, and Diana and I are going to pick our favorites and reveal Meg's answers in the last recap of Meg-A Readers on Saturday September 28th!! :)

Yes we are at the half way point of Meg-A Readers!  So next week we are also doing the Read-a-Thon of Meg-A Readers!!  We want everyone to read as many Meg Cabot books as possible and let us know how many and which ones you were able to read!!! :)

It should be a ton of fun!! :)

So now to the recap:

Ashna over at Journal of a Bookworm shared with us what Meg's characters have taught her!! :) So check it out! :)

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  1. My question for Meg: What's different about writing young adult fiction and adult fiction? Is there one that you enjoy more than the other?

  2. My question for Meg: If you could ask your dad one question, after all your experiences and successes, what would you ask him?

  3. Hey! I just wanted to ask Meg whether she plans the plot of the whole series right at beginning or is it the other way round?

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  5. My second question: Does she have a thing for Jews... Because many characters in her books are Jews