Monday, October 24, 2011

Pyxis by KC Neal

I was extremely lucky enough to get an early advanced copy of Pyxis by KC Neal a couple of weeks ago.  The e-book doesn't hit online stores until November 4th and the paperback edition will be released on December 2nd; so I was really excited to be one of the lucky few to get a first look at this sure-to-be exciting series.

Pyxis is KC Neal's first novel, and let me just tell you: I was impressed!  This is the first of the Pyxis Series, the beginning of Corinne's story of her discovering the truth about herself and her late-grandmother's past.  After her grandmother's death a few months earlier, Corinne discovers a box labeled Pyxis, which contains a set of glass bottles, that each contain a different colored liquid.  Not knowing what exactly they are for, she decides to use them as food coloring for the frosting she uses to make some cupcakes she sells at school for a fundraiser Bake Sale.

When the people who ate these cupcakes start acting weirder than usual, she realizes there must be more to these mysterious bottles than just food coloring.  After studying the bottles and box a little further, with one of her best friends, Angeline, they both find a small piece of paper containing a list of names...among them Corinne and Angeline, as well as Corinne's other best friend Mason, who has been in Africa for the past six months with his family.

After doing some research to find out more about this Pyxis, they are left knowing about as much as they had started with.  But when Corinne starts having nightmares, that feel so extraordinarily real, which has her grandmother telling her to go to her Great Aunt Dorothy, who was put into a retirement home after Corinne's grandmother passed, and who has lost pretty much all perceptive.

In this book Corinne not only discovers some new things about herself, but she also deals with a budding relationship between her lifelong best friend Mason, which seems to just keep getting more and more complicated to Corinne, and has trying to deal with trying to find out more about the Pyxis as well as trying to figure out where Mason and her stand in their friendship.

This first novel is the beginning of a journey that will surely be a great ride to come.  Just warning everyone, this first novel does end on a hook, to keep you pumped for the second novel in the series Alight, which I wasn't able to find the release date on, but hopefully will be coming out fairly soon!!! :)

Overall rating:
So that's it from me once again, be sure to get your copy of Pyxis when it hits the market on November 4th (e-book release) or December 2nd (paperback release)!! And if you're interested in more information on KC Neal or her Pyxis Series check out her website:

Thanks everyone and I hope you all have a great week!

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