Saturday, January 5, 2013

Interview with Ciye Cho author of "Florence"!

Hello Everyone!
I would like you all to welcome Ciye Cho, the author of Florence!!

Florence (Florence Waverley, #1)

The Romance Bookie: Tell us in a few sentences about Florence?

Ciye Cho: "Florence" is a YA novel about a seventeen-year-old girl who is dragged below the waves to a world of merfolk--a hidden world where nothing is what it seems…

TRB:  How did you come up with the concept?

CC: I've always wanted to present a new take on mer mythology. Something vivid, quirky and tinged with wonder.

TRB:  Why Mer-people? I am always curious to hear why and how authors choose different mythical creatures to write about? :)

CC: In my opinion, merpeople are the most fascinating of all mythical creatures. They're beautiful, dangerous, and just human enough to be relatable. They're also champions and defenders of the sea, which is something that appeals to the nature-lover in me.

TRB:  When did you first begin writing?

CC: I'm not quite sure. But I've always had my head stuck in the clouds, dreaming about adventures in far-off places--and I guess that’s where my desire to write comes from.

 TRB: Which do you prefer: Hardcopies or ebooks? And why?

CC: Ebooks. I can be quite impatient, so I like the fact that you can buy an ebook and receive it in a matter of seconds.

TRB:  Any advice for aspiring writers?

CC: Never stop writing.

A Huge  thank you to Ciye!! :)

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Thanks Everyone!! :)

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  1. I loved the concept of merfolks when I first read about them in one of the Harry Potter books. I would love to find more books with them. Great interview.

    1. Mermaids are definitely fascinating creatures!! :)

      I've only read a few mermaid books, like Derrolyn Anderson's "Marina Tales" has mermaids. And then this one does too, but I haven't read this one yet.