FOUR Year Anniversary for The Romance Bookie!!!! (GIVEAWAY!!)

Hey Everyone!!!!

WOW, I honestly can't believe it has been another year!  The time sure is flying when you're having fun!

While, this year has been extremely slow, it has still been an amazing year!


On this day in 2010, I was going through all the layout settings, and designing The Romance Bookie.  It looked so different back then, with a simple sea-foam green background, and the words "The Romance Bookie" written over the top in purple; it's definitely come a long way!

I know this year has not been as huge of a year for The Romance Bookie as the previous three; however, none the less it's been a huge year for me!  I'm growing more and more as a person, learning more and more, and enjoying life more and more, mostly thanks to a very special someone in my life.

I'm one semester away from transferring to University from City College, which after six years you may be saying "About time!".  Which is very true, but it's difficult, yet very rewarding experience, having two jobs while going to school.

I earned my Real Estate License this year, which was EXTREMELY stressful, but of course paid off in the end, when I saw the words "Congratulations" on that piece of paper after the exam.  One thing under my belt!

When it comes to The Romance Bookie, I got the opportunity to meet some amazing people this year!  First off, I went to a Gallery Author signing, where I got to meet and interview Christina Lauren (authors of the Beautiful Bastard series), Alice Clayton (author of Wallbanger and The Redhead Series), Sylvia Day (The Crossfire Series), and so many others!  Then I got to go to my first Grove signing, which if you don't know about, is this amazing shopping center in the heart of Los Angeles, that has a great Barnes and Noble that hosts many many great authors.  I went to three signings there this year. First, to meet Jay Asher (Thirteen Reasons Why) and Lauren Oliver (Delirium Trilogy).  Next, I met Emily Giffin (author of Something Borrowed and Something Blue).  And lastly, I met Maggie Stiefvater (author of The Shiver Trilogy).

I also went to my first ever Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, which was an exciting yet very stressful weekend!  There I got to meet SOOOOOO many authors and awesome people! For instance, I met John Green, Lemony Snicket, Laurie Halse Anderson, Ann Brashares, Melissa de la Cruz, Eoin Colfer, Laini Taylor, and Marissa Meyer again (she remembered me, from when I met her at Passion and Prose back in 2012!!, which was awesome!!).

This was an AMAZING year for meeting authors!!!

I REALLY REALLY REALLY x's a MILLION hope that Meg Cabot is coming back to So-Cal in 2015, because I will be there in a heartbeat!!!  I am SOOOO unbelievably looking forward to the new Princess Diaries! PLUS the new middle grade series, featuring Mia's newly revealed half-sister!!!!

Goodness it's going to be an awesome year next year hopefully!!!

So what does the future hold for The Romance Bookie? you might be possibly wondering?

Well, this have and will continue to most likely slow down.  2014 brought on an amazing addition to The Romance Bookie, when I met Erin at The Festival of Books, while waiting in line to meet Marissa Meyer!  Because of Erin's awesome reviews more posts have been able to go up on The Romance Bookie, which is awesome!!

I've actually decided that Erin is now a permanent member of The Romance Bookie, and will be featured not as a Guest Reviewer anymore, but an actual legit reviewer of The Romance Bookie.  While I am still The Romance Bookie, Erin, will be an amazing addition to The Romance Bookie group!

So while I'm at it, I would like to start my thank you's by thanking Erin!! Thank you Erin, for being so amazing and supportive and helping me tremendously this year!! Here's to another great year ahead of us!!! :)

And then also once again a HUGE thank you Liz over at Books I Think You Should Read and Yes/No Films!  It was sooo exciting to finally have met you this year!! Our trip to Disneyland was super fun!! Vincent and I had a blast! :)

And then a huge thank you once again to my mom, because without you The Romance Bookie would never have happened!

And then also to Meg Cabot once again, because she will always be my #1 inspiration when it comes to reading and writing!! Soooooo unbelievably excited for 2015!! It's going to be a big year!! :)

And last but not least, all the amazing publishers, such as Gallery and Atria, who continue to send me amazing books to read! And all the authors, who have supported me over the years (Lauren Clark thank you to you especially!! :))

You guys all rock! And to celebrate I'm giving away an exciting prize!!

So sadly, I'm a broke college stupid so shipping for the package is USA ONLY!! HOWEVER, if you are an international reader, you are not forgotten and instead of winning the package, I will put together an envelope of some goodies if you are chosen as a winner! :)  Plus I'll also give away the package to one lucky US winner! :)

So here's what the prize will be...

The package will include:

-ARC of Jersey Girl by Beth Ann Bauman
-ARC of Far Far Away by Tom McNeal
-So Yesterday by Scott Westerfeld
-Take Me There by Susane Colasanti

PLUS I've added a bunch of little swag items, including some bonus signed things!! :)

Just fill out the rafflecopter below...

a Rafflecopter giveaway Thanks everyone again for all the support over the last four years! You have no idea how much it means to me! :) <3

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Happy four year blogiversary! It was definitely great finally getting to meet you and Vincent this year :) Disneyland was a lot of fun.

    1. It was very fun! Vincent and I had a great time with you! :)


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