Wednesday, December 24, 2014

No In Between (Inside Out #4) by Lisa Renee Jones

Hey Everyone!!

So it's official! I've completed my reading goal for 2014 by reading 50 books! :)  So glad I made it! I was getting a bit worried there for a second!

So for my fiftieth book I read Lisa Renee Jones's fourth book in the Inside Out Series, No In Between!

From Goodreads:

The fourth in the Inside Out erotic romance series by New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones, this steamy novel resolves Chris and Sarah's relationship and leads into Mark's story.

"Chris and I have faced our demons and bared our souls to one another in Paris. Now that we are back home in San Francisco, I want to believe that nothing can tear us apart. Not Ava’s accusations against me to the police, or Chris's fear that he will destroy me as he feels he did Amber. And not Mark, who was once too intimately a part of our lives, and who I can see crumbling inside out. He believes he is invincible, just as I want to believe Chris and I are invincible. We have to be invincible. We need each other too much for any other ending."

My Thoughts:

This book continues where the last one left off...the mystery of still trying to find mysterious Rebecca.

It's definitely a great series!  Lisa has made an erotic story with a murder mystery thrill twist!  Love it!

It is hands down my favorite erotica series.  I am actually not that big of a fan of the erotica anymore, because all the stories started sounding exactly the same, but when Lisa Renee Jones is the only one that's been able to keep my mind open to the genre.

However, I will admit I have one tiny complaint...I want to FINALLY know what happened to Rebecca, because to be honest, it is starting to feel a little tiny bit dragged out now.  I like the majority of my series short and sweet.  Especially these mystery ones, because I absolutely HATE being left constantly on my toes when I read the last page and have to wait a year for the next book, in order to find out what happens next!  Now, luckily, I already have I Belong to You (#5 in the series) on my shelf, thanks to Gallery Books, so I won't be having to wait long to find out what happens next!

Another complaint, would have to be some of the wording in this nothing bad, but a little peeve, is when other erotica novels use the phrase "Fifty Shades of..." whatever.  In my opinion, unless you are right out referencing Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, that phrase is taken.  And in this book, the main character, Sara, referred to Chris as "Fifty Shades of Prince Charming" a few times, which I personally didn't like.  That reference is way overdone, and has been repeated too many times, and personally, I don't want to hear it again until when the movie comes out on Valentines Day.

But that's just my own personal preference.


Overall rating:

I would say Three and Half Bookies.  I did enjoy it, but I would like to know more answers by now.  Not much really happened in this one, I thought, no new information really, so I am really hoping that in the next one, we get to more and new stuff to keep us going in the series.

Definitely still a great series, and I would still recommend it for those looking for a thriller/erotica novel! Definitely a good one! :)

Until next time and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Holiday Season! Merry Christmas!

The Romance Bookie :)

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