Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Clockwork Angel...the work of an Angel...okay not really since it has to do with demons...but you know what I mean :)

So this book has been sitting on my book shelf for quite some time now.  And not because I didn't want to read it.  NO, not at all!  In fact, I've been dying to read it, it's just I was procrastinating and waiting for City of Fallen Angels to come out in paperback.
You see, I've been told by quite a few people that it's better to read the books in this order: City of Bones, City of Ashes, City of Glass, and then Clockwork Angel, and next City of Fallen of Angels.  So in other words, in the order they are released in.  I don't know for sure, if Cassandra Clare meant for that to be the way, but in the end it makes sense, because a little birdy told me that in City of Fallen Angels information and people are introduced that had to do with Clockwork Angel.

So anyway, it's official...I'm HOOKED!  I'm in a Cassandra Clare craze!  I know now, that I will be unable to wait for Clockwork Prince and City of Lost Souls to be released in paperback, I am so hooked now, that I NEED THEM NOW!!!!!  Okay, so I should probably first read and buy  City of Fallen Angels, before I even think about reading City of Lost Souls :).

So anyway, as you've probably already guessed I LOVED LOVED LOVED (!!!!!) Clockwork Angel!  What did I love about it?

Well, let's see, let me think about that...
How about EVERYTHING!!!!!

I loved every moment of this book! I loved the writing, the story, characters, the details (oh, the details!!).  It was so beautiful!  I felt like I was there every moment, it was magical!

Clockwork Angel is the beginning of the Infernal Devices, which take place in the 1800s.  It's the story of Tessa, and her getting acquainted to a world she did not know existed.  She meets the Shadowhunters that dwell in the Institute in London, England.  Charlotte, the young, yet matured leader in the "family", who is married to the inventive Henry, whose inventions never seem to work out right, but has a kind heart none the less, and a fighting spirit like the rest of them.  Then there's the selfish, materialistic Jessamine, who doesn't anything to do with the Shadowhunter world, and is looking for any escape out.  Jem, the kind hearted, quiet member who is the only one that seems to understand the troubled, yet somehow you know caring, Will, who is yet, still underage, but ready to fight for his kind to protect and serve as needed.

Tessa comes to London, from New York, after receiving a letter from her brother, sending her ticket to travel to London, and be with him, after their Aunt dies unexpectedly.  Upon arrival, Tessa is greeted by Evil.  She finds out she's not who she thought she was, and must learn to live with that.

When Tessa arrives at the Institute, she can't help but feel intrigued by Will, who doesn't seem to care about anything, and is very cold, but at the same time, she can't help but feel there is more to him.  What's he hiding?

After reading Clockwork Angel I can already tell that a love triangle is most likely in the near future for Will, Tessa, and Jem.  In this first book in the series, mainly only Will and Tessa's relationship is spoken about, but the reader definitely can tell that something is going through Jem's head as well.  So I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens in Clockwork Prince, but hopefully, that will be VERY soon! :)

Overall Rating:

Enjoy your week, and honestly if you haven't gotten a chance to read any books by Cassandra Clare, go and pick up a copy of either City of Bones or Clockwork Angel, believe me, you won't be disappointed!

The Romance Bookie :)

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