Sunday, March 18, 2012

Gift by Andrea Buchanan

Gift by Andrea Buchanan (set to be release on March 27th) was an interesting read that had me wanting to find out what was going to happen next.  However, that being said, there was just something about it that had me give it only 3 stars on Goodreads...

It's pretty rare that I give anything under 4 stars on Goodreads or Shelfari, but for some reason this was one of those books where I enjoyed it to the point where the story kept me somewhat intrigued, but not to a point where I would read it again or possibly even recommend it others.

Let me continue by first describing the story a bit...

Daisy hasn't had the most normal life.  She discovered at a young age that she has this weird power that allows her to manipulate the electricity around her.  Now at yet another school, because she's been kicked out of many in the past, because of her "powers", she's been trying to lay low, like always, and get control of this "gift" that was given to her.

However, her life changes the day she finds one of her classmates in the bathroom after having taken too many pills, and attempting suicide.  When the girl doesn't the right word, wow that sounds terrible...sorry!! killing herself, Daisy and her become closer.  Friends in fact.  It turns out, this girl, Vivi, has been talking to a ghost since she was very young, and he's her soul mate.

Daisy and her best friend, Danielle start getting involved when they have these synchronized dream, or probably nightmares, where they see this haunted story of the past unfold, and they find out the truth...

Daisy also meets a guy during this time, Kevin, who finds out about everything, and tries to help Daisy and her friends find out what is going on, and possibly put a stop to it.

I hope that doesn't sound confusing...

Okay, if that sounded confusing then check out the summary from Goodreads.

My thoughts continued...
So, the story was pretty interesting, like I said, but I think what kind of through me off were a couple of things...
 -the writing style, I think was written so the book is geared towards a younger audience
-some parts of the story, like Daisy's relationship with Kevin, were a bit...cheesy...which normally I like, but in this case I just think...I don't know...but maybe a bit too unreal...if that makes sense with a paranormal fiction novel haha.

However, I did like at the end of my edition (I don't if this is at the end of all the editions) where there was a Bonus Graphic Novel that explained the point of view of one of the other characters in the novel.  The pictures were beautifully drawn and it was interesting to read about the other character! :)

It definitely wasn't the worst book I've ever read...oh NOOOO!!!...but it wasn't the best book I've read...I guess it just kind of that right word??  For me, PERSONALLY, it isn't a book I would pay money for, it's more of one I would borrow out of the library.

But overall, let's see... if you like paranormal ghost stories, with a haunted past that is unfolded, a cheesy love relationship, and you either are or like stories geared toward a younger audience, then this might be the book for you! :)

Overall rating:

So if it sounds like something you are interested in, check it out when it is released on March 27th.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I get to see the musical Beauty and the Beast today, which I am REALLY excited about!! It isn't a professional Broadway show or anything, but the high school I went to's, production of the show, and they usually always do a GREAT job!! :)

The Romance Bookie :)

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