Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Look at what I got today!!!

I got something SUPER exciting in the mail today!!

It was waiting for me when I got home after taking my Math test, which was an absolute pleasant surprise!!

I have been waiting for this!!

So I got an email a few weeks from one of my favorite authors telling me some exciting news!!!  That I had won an Advanced Copy of her newest book!!! 

Some of you may have heard of the book The DUFF? Well it's one of my all time favorite books!  Just the title!!  DUFF stands for Designated Ugly Fat Friend.  I just loved that title, the moment I set eyes on it. 

I've been a fan of Kody's for a little over a year now, and so when I saw this in my mailbox today:

I couldn't help but jump up and scream with excitement!!

I just love Kody's novels! Plus she has this great Blog, where she writes about everything on her mind, and a lot of it is really empowering, especially to women.

What's even more exciting is that this is my FIRST ever Advanced Paper copy of a book!!! What a double bonus!! Not only is the book by one of my favorite authors but it's also my first ever paper ARC!!!

What's EVEN cooler is that she signed it!!

Not only are Kody's stories amazing, she is also an inspiring person!  She is about a month younger than me, so 20 years old, and this is her THIRD book!! Three books!!! The DUFF was released when Kody was 18, Shut Out was released last year, and her newest novel (the one I got in the mail today!!!) is going to be released in June, A Midsummer's Nightmare!!

I just hope I get the chance to read it very soon!! I am itching to pick it up already, but I know I can't just yet, I have to read some of my other books right now ;(, but they are luckily good books too...hopefully...


The Romance Bookie :)

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