Friday, March 2, 2012

The List...

Hey everyone!

So I'm reading something, that's taking me quite a bit longer than I hoped's a bit slow so far...

But here's the problem with that!!!


I've gotten myself into quite a pickle over the next month! I have to read like ELEVEN books from now until the end of March!!  That is insane...for me anyway...!!

So here's my goal for the next month:

Okay, so a couple of them I have until April for, but still!! I'm freaking out a little bit!!

I actually had to turn a book down the other day!! ME!! The reader!! I felt soooooo bad, and ashamed!! But okay, to be fair the book wasn't my was about something I am not interested at all in...but I told the publisher, I would be happy to do an interview or something, to at least try to help promote the book, but I don't know if that is going to happen.
That being said!! If you happen to be someone named...let's say Meg Cabot, or how about Simone Elkeles, or...Sarah Dessen...or even Stephenie Meyer, I think I could find some room in my schedule to read an advanced copy of your book :) :) :).  Believe me!! I totally would!!

That being said, I also wouldn't turn down anyone right now, if you have a TEEN/YOUNG ADULT book that you need someone to read!!  Okay, TEEN and YA ONLY please!!

Nothing like... let's say something that resembles a textbook (I am reading two of those right now, and I am BORED OUT MY MIND!!!), or something about information...(hmmm...I feel that is what the internet is for...), or something autobiographical (unless it's the life story of one of my favorite authors...see names above of people who I would definitely not turn down reading an advanced copy from :)), or something...okay, people will probably want to throw rotten tomatoes at me for saying this...but I am not a sports fan...okay, I said it!! You HEARD ME!! I have ALWAYS sucked at sports!  I hate running, I hate anything competitive.  It's just not something that's ever interested me.  However, I love the enthusiasm from sports fan on Super Bowl Sunday, and I do enjoy watching the Soccer World Cup every four years (Go GERMANY!!!)  my family is AWESOME during the soccer world cup time!! (not that they aren't awesome all the other times, but during that time, we are even more awesome!! ;)).

I am a reader! If some of you haven't noticed that already...haha, I LOVE books! And by books I mean certain genres...okay, some may consider me a snob, for that (PLEASE DON'T!! I swear, I am a really nice person...or so I have been told!!).  It isn't my fault though if something doesn't interest me...SORRY!!!!
But anyway enough of my rambling...that's the list above....and my goal and challenge for this month, and a part of next month...WISH ME LUCK!!!

Now to end this little rant...I want to leave you with the wise words from someone whose stories I adored very much growing up...

Happy 108th Birthday Dr. Seuss!

We miss you... :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. WoW! You are putting in some work! I am a slow reader and if I am not into a book I am snail slow. Good Luck on the new reading list. P.S. Superbowl is a perfect shopping day for me! Hehehee!

    1. LOL I need to remember that! I've always thought that Super Bowl day would be a perfect day to go to Disneyland. :)

  2. That is a good one too! The line to the rides would be very short. Thanks for the heads up lol