Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Hunger Games


So I saw it today!

I don't even was so good!  Like unbelievable!  It was...


I wrote this on my status on my personal Facebook page, and a friend asked, "Beautiful?"

I know it's a weird way to describe the movie, but for some reason it just doesn't seem right to say it was "Awesome" or "Amazing".  I guess, I could say it was amazing, but for me, I just found it to be absolutely touching and beautiful!  I find "Awesome" to be the wrong way to describe this movie, because what happens (in both the book and movie), just shouldn't be described as Awesome.  Doesn't that make sense?

Well anyway, I think the director did an AMAZING job on the movie.  EVERYONE involved!  Jennifer Lawrence was great! I loved the scene in the movie right before Katniss goes into the arena, and she is in that room with Cinna, and you just see her shaking.  Gale, played by Liam Hemsworth, is just gorgeous, and did a great job showing emotion.  I actually, almost like his character more in the movie, because in the book he always came off as sort of hard-hearted, in the movie he showed more feeling.  And then Peeta (Josh Hutchinson), played so great too!

Just everyone!

Some of you may remember a couple of weeks ago, when I wrote the post The Hunger Games Should be BANNED!!, well, after seeing this movie, I somehow understood it even more so.  Because of this one scene. 

There is this scene where Haymitch is watching this family in the Capitol, and the father is giving his son a toy sword.  The son is so excited, and takes the sword and turns to his sister, and pretends to stab and kill her, and their parents and the children are just laughing!

That scene, spoke to me so much!  Here's why...I understand that this series is a STORY.  It's not real.  However, think about it this way...have you ever seen a child's imagination at work?  Have you heard the things they talk about?  While, I found that The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, did a great job making it obvious that The Hunger Games are a bad thing...however, think about this are children?  Do they listen to every word they say?  Most likely, NO.  That's the problem!  When I explained the book series, to a ten year old, who wanted to read them, in a way that made them seem less appealing for a child, so that they wouldn't be interested in reading it, well guess what the child got out of what I said, when I said, "It's about a government that enjoys, and makes entertainment out of watching people suffer, by having kids killing kids,"  this is what the child got out of that, "Oh seriously, COOL! Kids killing kids! Now I really want to read it!"  As some kids read this series, I personally don't believe that most of them would truly understand a lot of the story.  This series is so mature, and I think a lot of kids would just get out certain things...liking the brutal killing possibly.

I am NOT saying that ALL kids are going to react like that.  Please don't take it that way!  I just think this is NOT a children's series!

ANYWAY,  The Hunger Games is an absolutely beautiful movie.  Just so great!  I definitely recommend it for the fans of the books, and anyone over the age of 14. 

And I just read an article...and it BEAT TWILIGHT!! The Hunger Games is the THIRD BIGGEST grossing movie on a opening weekend!  THIRD!! How great is that??  This is a series for both women AND men!  And that's why I think it appeals to so many people. 

Definitely go and see it! :)

Happy Sunday!
The Romance Bookie :)

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  1. I enjoyed it too when I joined my daughter's 7th grade class (and all the rest of the 7th and 8th graders in the school board) at the premier!...