Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interview with Colleen Hoover (Maybe Someday) and American Idol Musician Griffin Peterson

Hey Everyone!
So I'm kind of excited today because I get share with you an amazing interview opportunity I got asked to do a few weeks ago!

While I haven't had the pleasure of reading any by this awesome author yet, I've heard some amazing things about her books, and actually have a couple sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!  Colleen Hoover is the author of the best selling novels Slammed, Point of Retreat, and Hopeless and has answered some of questions that I came up with in honor of her newest release Maybe Someday!

And along with Colleen, I've also been given an opportunity to interview Griffin Peterson, an American Idol finalist!, who has come up with an entire soundtrack inspired by Maybe Someday!

So here goes:

Colleen's Interview:

The Romance Bookie: Your books have become very well known around the book world, how has that journey been?

Colleen: It's been incredible, overwhelming, and surreal.  I never expected anything like this to happen, and it continues to blow my mind on a daily basis.

TRB: Where do you get your inspiration from?

Colleen: Life.  Not my life, just life in general.  I'm somewhat of an introvert, and I love to observe the actions and behaviors of other people.  That's what really inspires me.

TRB: How is it going on tour with other authors?

Colleen: It's so much fun! Going to book signings is always a great time because I love meeting readers, but getting to it with friends takes it to a whole new level of awesome.

Interview with Griffin Peterson:

TRB: What was the process like for recording music for a novel?

Griffin:  The actual process of recording wasn't really any different from recording my other songs. I'd work on the songs on my end and send them to Colleen when they were completed.  It was a lot of fun, though, especially working with Colleen because she's a great person to work with.

TRB: Did you have to read the book in order to get the emotions across in the songs?

Griffin: Yes, Colleen would send me scenes from the book and I would either already have a song that I thought fit really well with it, I'd write something new, or I'd change up some of my existing lyrics to fit the story better.  Colleen also wrote of the lyrics to the song "Maybe Someday". Working on that song with her was so much fun.

TRB: Will there be more from Griffin Peterson in the upcoming future?

Griffin: Definitely! Music is my passion, so I won't be giving that up any time soon.

So that's it! I want to give a HUGE thank you to Colleen Hoover, Griffin Peterson, and Atria book for giving me this opportunity!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!

The Romance Bookie :)

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