Saturday, March 8, 2014

Real (Real #1) by Katy Evans

***WARNING!!! This is an ADULT book containing sexual scenes!!!***

***ALSO this review may contain some spoilers, so read with caution!***

Hey Everyone!

I cannot even tell you how hard it is to have to write this review!  But unfortunately, I have promised to be honest when reviewing the books I here goes.

I finished Real by Katy Evans today.  It was sent to me by the publisher, and I had heard, before reading it, that it has gotten rave reviews! In fact I've read quite a few of those reviews now, because I just can't believe how so many people liked this book...Okay, I am 100% not bashing anyone who enjoyed it, I've mentioned before that when people respect what I like and they don't like it, that I'll respect their opinions.

So anyway, instead I'll give you my opinion on this book!

But first here's a description from Goodreads:

Remington Tate has a bad-boy rep in and out of the ring, a granite-hard body, and a raw, animal power that sends his female fans into a frenzy. But from the moment their eyes lock, the only woman he wants is Brooke Dumas. His desire is pure, all-consuming, and REAL.

Hired to keep his perfect body working like a machine, Brooke finally has the lucrative sports therapy job she’s been dreaming of. But as she tours the dangerous underground fighting circuit with Remy and his team, Brooke’s own body becomes alive with the most primal of hungers. If what happens between Brooke and Remy is ever as light as a flirtation, it quickly becomes an erotic obsession for them both, and promises so much more.

But their white-hot lust has a dark side and when Remy's deepest secret comes to light and Brooke's familial duties demand action, will the pair be able to hang on, or will everything that once seemed so real suddenly fade away like an illusion?
My Thoughts:

So let's see where to begin.  How about that out of the 300 pages in this book I found myself cringing with disgust so often that I lost count.  The author used words such as "impaling" to describe sex, and the word "sheath" (SHEATH!!) as a term for the lady part!  Seriously?! SHEATH?!

Then she reworded slightly a sentence from one of the most famous books of all time, "I've fallen head over heels, irrevocably in love with him." REALLY?? Does "I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him" ring a bell?! Stephenie Meyer took the privilege of using "Irrevocably" and "Love" in the same sentence with that iconic line!

Now to the characters...Is it just me or is the main character of this book, Remington Tate, an asshole version of Travis Maddox from Jamie McGuire's Beautiful Disaster?  They both have a problem with authority, are controlling, are man-sluts before they meet their "true loves", and both of their favorite sport is fighting.  
Also Remy was a total dick!  The way he spoke to Brooke, I found to be completely disrespectful.  Demanding her to do things.  No politeness whatsoever. Then his "secret illness"...okay, maybe some medication would have sufficed...but no he didn't "want to take" any.  Seriously!?  But it was okay for him to get out of control and tranquilized??????

The main female character Brooke Dumas, had the worst dialogue of them all.  The whole book is in her point of view, and the entire time she's talking about her lady parts, how it's "clenching" "wet", and while in the first half of the book she calls it her "V", the second part she switches to the kitty term that rhymes with "Wussy".  The author repeats herself CONSTANTLY!  Within the same paragraph she would say the same thing TWICE!  

Everything about this book was just way too much!  The descriptions, some were about the most useless things where I found myself asking myself "And I care why?".  The metaphors...OH MY GOD, the metaphors!  There is only so many ways you can describe a hot muscular guy with blue eyes and dark hair, without sounding repetitive and desperate!  

Overall rating:

This entire book was just way over the top for me.  I felt quite a few things were taken from other books.  The repetitiveness bothered me so much. I rolled my eyes so often as I was reading this, it's not even funny!  

I will say there was ONE thing I liked about this entire book.  I liked that Remy and Brooke played songs to each other through their iPods to show each other how they felt about one another.  That was cute.  But everything else, was honestly just not my cup of tea.

Alright everyone, until next time! Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. THANK YOU! I felt the exact same way! I can't even read the word "clinch" anymore without shuddering.

    1. I was so excited to read this one too! It has such a high average on Goodreads, and SOOO many reviews, that I thought this was for sure going to be a great one...but nope! Glad I'm not the only that felt that way!

  2. Funny how books with lots of sex always get good reviews? hehe!