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Meg-A Readers Week!! Day 7: Forever Princess (#10 in The Princess Diaries Series) by Meg Cabot

Hey Everyone!

It's the last day of Meg-A Readers 2014 already! ;(

This is going to be my last review for Meg-A Readers this year, and it's of the last book in The Princess Diaries Series, Forever Princess!

From Goodreads:

What's a Princess to do?

It's Mia's senior year, and things seem great. She aced her senior project, got accepted to her dream college(s), and has her birthday gala coming up . . . not to mention prom, graduation, and Genovia's first-ever elections.

What's not to love about her life? Well . . .Her senior project? It's a romance novel she secretly wrote, and no one wants to publish it.Prince Phillipe's campaign in the Genovian elections isn't going well, thanks to her totally loathsome cousin Rene, who decided to run against him.Her boyfriend, J.P., is so sweet and seemingly perfect. But is he the one? And her first love, Michael, is back from Japan . . . and back in her life.

With Genovia's and her own future hanging in the balance, Mia's got some decisions to make: Which college? Which guy? How can she choose? Especially when what she decides might determine not just the next four years, but . . . forever!

My Thoughts:

This is my absolute favorite book in the series, I realized last night as I was finishing it.  It used to be the third book in the series, Princess in Love, but I've decided it's now officially Forever Princess.  Why?  I think the main reason is because there is a huge jump between this one and the others.  The voice of Mia has grown more mature, she's learned a lot, her confidence has gone up, and while she's still making huge decisions (something that won't go away for the rest of your life) she's not freaking out about it as much.

While #8 & #9,Princess on the Brink & Princess Mia, were really sad, because she lost the love of her life, between Princess Mia and this one she did so much growing up.  Which is great!

All I can say is, I'm so unbelievably glad Mia came to her senses!!!! If I was Mia's Grandmere, I personally would have called JP That Boy, and not Michael.

Mia learns that a relationship isn't always perfect because it looks so on paper, but it matters whether you have the feelings you need to be love.  When your heart flutters with excitement at the sight of them, when you calm down by smelling their neck, when you never run out of things to talk about.

Those are the things that matter in a relationship.

It doesn't matter if everyone says the one you're with is perfect for you! It matter what you feel and want!  Go with your heart and instinct!

Overall rating:

If I could this book would go off the Richter scale when it comes to its rating!  I never get tired of reading this one! In fact, if I was stranded on a desert island and could only bring one book, this would be my choice!

I can't tell you guys enough, if you haven't read this series... READ IT!!! :)

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! :)

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