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Random Post #10: My Top Five Favorite Authors

Hey Everyone!

So while I'm pretty sure I've done this post before, I just want to do it again, because who knows somethings may have changed! :)

My Top Five Favorite Authors (not necessarily only because of their books, but also because of how they treat their fans!) and Why?:

1. Meg Cabot-

Meg signing...she's a lefty too!

Me and Meg :)

I know, I know! lol  Anyway Meg is amazing!  Not only is her writing hilarious and my absolute favorite things to read, especially when I'm in a funk, but she's also an amazing person!  I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Meg back in February of 2012 (Read about it HERE), and my goodness, can I just say it was one of the best days of my life!  Meg was everything I imagined she would be!  It was like seeing all her characters come alive right in front me!  She had that exact humor as her writing does! It was awesome!

2. Cassandra Clare-

Me and Cassie, March 2013

Image from Goodreads

another author I've had the honor of meeting.  I met Cassie back in March of 2013 (You can read about that experience HERE).  Cassie is another example of not only having amazing books that have some of the most creative and unique characters featured, but also being a really awesome person!  I am so very much looking forward to and dreading the release of the last book in the Mortal Instrument Series this Spring. City of Heavenly Fire is going to be both epic and leave me totally devastated after I've finished reading it this May.

3. Kody Keplinger-

Image from Goodreads
Not only did Kody write one of my all time favorite books of all time, The DUFF, but she also wrote it when she was only 17!  Kody is my age, so she's a real inspiration to say the least!  I haven't gotten the pleasure of meeting Kody in person yet, because I live on the exact opposite of the US then she does, but I have gotten to video chat with her!  We talked not only about her books, but also just super random pop culture topics that we both found interesting! It was a lot of fun!  Her debut novel, The DUFF, is one of my favorites because of the message!  It's about a character who feels she doesn't fit in, but still tries not to show it.  Along the way she makes mistakes that most teenagers make, and ends up with the perfect happy ending!  (You can find my review of The DUFF HERE)

4. Simone Elkeles-

Image from Goodreads

Simone!! Why do you never do any signings in SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA???!!!  Simone is yet another author who is amazing with her fans!  While she hasn't made it to a signing to here in So Cal, in a while, she will send her fans personalized signed book plates if you send her a self-addressed envelope!  At least that's what she did for me back in 2010, when I wrote to her!  Perfect Chemistry, is one of my all time favorite books!  I really need to reread this one, and review it here on The Romance Bookie!!  I still think this book would make the perfect story line for a modern day movie version of West Side Story!

5.  Miranda Kenneally-

Miranda is so great at interacting with her fans both through Twitter and Facebook!  I even got the awesome chance to interview Miranda back in 2012! (You can find that interview HERE)!
Her debut novel Catching Jordan is one of my all time favorites!  I loved the characters, the story line, and overall the realistic feel for teens everywhere!  I highly recommend checking that one out if you haven't already! :)

I'm sure there are so many more awesome authors out there that I'm forgetting at this moment! But these are the ones I've had the amazing opportunity to interact with quite a few times, since I started The Romance Bookie!

Thanks everyone!

The Romance Bookie :)

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