Saturday, August 4, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-thon Cover Scavenger Hunt Challenge!

Hey Everyone again!

So like I mentioned before I am participating in the Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon!

For today's challenge...

Wickedly Bookish is hosting the Cover Scavenger Hunt!

Here is the list of items we are supposed to find on book covers:
A teeny bikni
Beach umbrella
Oceanscape or a beach scene
An American flag (4th of July)
Lemonade/Iced Tea
Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, etc.)
Swimming Pool
Sun bather

It took quite a bit of hunting, but I've managed to find all the covers that contain these items! And even though we are allowed to repeat covers, I was able to find all DIFFERENT covers!! :)
So here goes:
Illuminated by Erica Orloff, see the sun in between the guy's lips??!!

A Teeny Bikini:
The Au Pairs (The Au Pairs, #1)
 The Au Pairs by Melissa de la Cruz.

A Beach Umbrella:
Cross my Heart by Sandra Byrd: I LOVED this book back when I read this about 10 years ago.  Such a cute summer book for young readers!


When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore.  This looks super cute!!

Oceanscape or Beach scene:

That Summer by Sarah Dessen (another awesome book by Sarah Dessen!)

The Summer of Hammers and Angels by Shannon Wiersbitsky (this book has been on TBR list for a while now!)

An American Flag:

America (The Book): A Citizen's Guide to Democracy Inaction by Jon Stewart

Lemonade/Ice Tea:
The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies

 Dreamless by Josephine Angelini (I still really need to read Starcrossed!!)

I actually found two for this one:

  Unbreak My Heart  by Melissa Walker

And if that one is acceptable, then I also found:

A Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks (this is a gorgeous book!!)

Camping Equipment:
 Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping by Peggy Parish (this is a cute children's series!  I read these sometimes to the kids at the school where I volunteer at)

 Farsighted by Emlyn Chand (I will admit, I'm not a huge fan of this cover.  It sort of freaks me out!  But I've heard some great things about this book!)

Swimming Pool:
 The Swimming Pool by Holly LeCraw

Sun Bather:
All I Want is Everything (A Gossip Girl Novel) by Cecily Von Zeigeiser (this actually has TWO sunbathers! ;) )

 The Teddy Bears Picnic by Jimmy Kennedy (does anyone else remember singing this elementary school??)

Here's to refresh your memory!
LOL :)

So those are my challenge answers!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Excellent cover hunting skills!!!

    I especially love your cover for the sunset, it's just gorgeous!!!

    Thanks for joining in the fun. :-)

  2. WOW! So honored to have WHEN A DRAGON MOVES IN represented in your fun scavenger hunt! Thanks for helping to spread the Dragon love! Hugs, Jodi :)

    1. Thank you Jodi! Wow that's pretty cool that you found this!! And your book really does look super cute! :)