Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon!

Hey Everyone! Happy Friday!! :)

So I got an email from an a super awesome blogger I've been following (sorry, that sounds so stalkerish)...maybe more like...I've been reading her posts for the past two years.

Jude over at In Between Writing and Reading is hosting this awesome Read-a-thon!

It's called the Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon!

It's going to be held from August 4th until August 12th! 
Honestly, I can't remember signing up, but none the less I'm really excited! The only thing is...I have to warn you guys...I SUCK at read-a-thons!!

I feel this pressure, and then I end up not being able to concentrate on what I'm reading! It's freaks me out!!

However, none the less, I will be trying!! I promise!!

Here are my goals for the week:
3 weeks!

Okay, so more like 2 and a half, because one of them is super short!

Here are the two I'm 100% going to be reading...

Now for that third book I'm not sure yet what I'll be deciding to read??  I've got a "small" list that I'm working my way through...
I'm thinking either "'Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy or the third Fifty Shades??  Not sure yet though!
Super excited to read some awesome books!! :)

So if you're interested in joining in on this Summer Wrap-Up Read-a-Thon then head on over to Jude's blog, and find out more information about it! :)

Thanks Everyone!
I'm off to do some yard work, and then to have a fun night out with a couple of girlfriends! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. Thanks for joining us!!! Fifty Shades Freed is really good! I liked the ending and how it showed a little bit of Christian's POV. The Tales of Beetle bard was a cute fast read and I really want to read 52 Reasons to Hate My Father! Happy reading and good luck!

  2. "Scuse Me While I Kill This Guy" LOL, That's really a book title xD? I HAVE to read that book! and LOL, it's good to know you're joining us even if you don't remember signing up :P and no worries, I love my stalkers <3

    Happy reading! Hope you reach your goals! [and yeah, I know what you mean about the pressure in read-a-thons. Happens to me too :/ ]

    1. Me three! I usually just rebel by watching a DVD box set for a couple of hours - and hey presto! All cured. :D

    2. LOL Jude, I was given that book from the author. I'll have to let you know how it is, when I finish it!

      And Ellie, DVD box sets are awesome!! :)