Update on what's been happening Book Wise in 2014! :)

Hey Everyone!!

So it's been a busy, yet super exciting year so far, so I thought, because it's been a while since I've done a video, that I'd do one to update you all! :)

For those you not too interested in watching a boring video, I just discuss some of the events that have happened this year, both book related and on a personal level.

On the personal level, I'm right now in my second month of summer break.  I've got about a month left now, it's going by so ridiculously fast!  Come end of August, I'll be starting my last year at city college and hopefully applying to transfer next year to the university I really hope to go to.  I've also been a relationship for a little over a year now with an amazing guy.  We celebrated a year together in June :).

What with work, school, and fun times with friends and loved ones, it's been a crazy busy year, that's why my reading goal has dropped tremendously.  Something, I'm actually very okay with!  While I still love reading books, it's nice to have things to do, besides being stuck at home.

On a reading level, it's also been exciting!  Meg Cabot announced that she'll be releasing THREE new books next year!! One book in The Princess Diaries series!!!!!! And one that will be a middle grade spin-off series from The Princess Diaries, PLUS a new Mediators book!!!

Meg-A Readers 2014 is starting on Monday!! It will be running from July 28th until next Sunday August 3rd!  This year, Diana and I decided to only do a week, since there are no new releases, and instead dedicate the extra to planning next years Meg-A Readers, which is sure to be an exciting one!

I've also been to some very exciting book events this year!  I went to The Festival of Books both Saturday and Sunday, where I got to meet a ton of amazing authors!  Then in March I went to two signings, one where I got to interview and meet some of my favorite Adult authors, including Christina Lauren, Alice Clayton, and Sylvia Day, and I went to another event in Los Angeles where I got to meet Lauren Oliver and Jay Asher, and then last month I went to another event with my mom, where I got to meet Emily Giffin!

Thanks to an event I went to, I got to meet an awesome person who I have recruited to be a guest reviewer on The Romance Bookie!  Her name is Erin!  I really hope she sticks around, because she's been of tremendous help these past couple of months! :)

So like I said, a lot of excitement in 2014! I'm hoping it continues to be an amazing year, in December I'll be celebrating FOUR YEARS of doing The Romance Bookie!! FOUR YEARS!! That's crazy!!

So anyway, I really hope everyone is having a great year too!  If you have any questions, such as needing a book recommendation, a question on Meg-A Readers, and wanting someone to chat with about books, my email address is:


You're absolutely welcome to email me anytime! :)

Thanks Everyone for all the support! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


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