Monday, July 9, 2012

Random Buzzers Ambuzzador!

Just Another Manic Monday!
Okay, for me...I'm going to be honest here, not really. 
It's Summer.
I don't have work today.
I get to read.
I promised my little brother half an hour of playing video games (which you know, can be pretty fun).
And...I just found out last week...
The Romance Bookie is an official Random Buzzers Ambuzzador!!

Just kidding :).

Anyway, I had a super exciting package waiting for me when I got home from my Las Vegas trip last week!

It included TWO ARCs of Jersey Angel by Beth Ann Bauman, a few cards for future members for Random Buzzers towards a FREE book!!, a booklet from Random Buzzers, and TWO letters!

My welcome letter for becoming a Summer Random Buzzers Ambuzzador looked like this:

Dear New Ambuzzador-
Congratulations on being selected to be an Ambuzzador for the summer season!
Being an Ambuzzador is  special privilege.  You will be joining an exclusive group of Buzzers to spread the word about the Random Buzzers community and also help to build buzz about the latest Random House titles!
In addition to building buzz for our titles and referring new users to Random Buzzers, Ambuzzadors are expected to actively participate in the community.  Participation is fun and easy and can include posting reviews on sites such as Amazon and Goodreads, joining online discussions about books in designated forums and completing special activities on Random Buzzers.  Your rewards include exclusive behind the scenes access and of course plenty of opportunities to accumulate buzz bucks!

The letter goes a little bit further, welcoming me to the community! :)

What are Buzz Bucks, you may be asking yourself?
Well, these are points that a member accumulates by doing quizzes, activities, taking part in discussions, and a few other things...and when you accumulate enough points guess what??
You get to get books with them!!!

Pretty awesome right??!!

I really hope I can be a great Ambuzzador this summer! And hopefully some of you will consider joining!!
If you do, make sure to mention that TheRomanceBookie referred you!! :) And if you do join and get your confirmation email, then forward me your confirmation (if it doesn't have your password on it of course), and I will send the first two emailers a card towards 15,000 free Buzz Bucks!!
My email address is:

Okay everyone, have a great Monday!! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I joined and sent you an email I love this site!

  2. Congrats! I'm an ambuzzador as well! I got The Book of Blood and Shadow.

  3. I have been a member of RB since February, but IDK how to apply for Ambuzzador?

    1. I believe the application season is over. It was one of activities to apply. But I'm sure they'll put up the new one for the Fall season, because I'm just an Ambuzzador for the Summer. :)