Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith Review

The Statisticality of Love at First Sight (oh wait, that's not it)...
The Probability of Love at First Sight...(nope...that's not it either!)
Hmm...I got it!
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight! Whew!
I got it!

What a love title right??!!

But let me just tell you that title was the seriously the reason why I bought this book! Just look at it! Isn't it great!? Especially for a romantic like me!! :)

And let me just say...I am SO GLAD I BOUGHT THIS BOOK!!

Before I go into why, let me tell you a bit about the book:

Hadley is heading to London...for her father's wedding.  She hasn't seen him in about a year, and she definitely has never met his future wife.  And she's definitely not interested in doing so.  But does she have a choice?
Her mom has sent her to London.

And she misses her flight by four minutes!
Those four minutes change everything!
If it wasn't for those four minutes Hadley would never have met Oliver...the cute British Yale Student on his way to London for an important occasion.

One thing leads to another, Hadley and Oliver get talking, and end up sitting together on the airplane...and the next 24 hours seem to go on forever...

WOW. This book was beautiful!
And after the MANY rave reviews I've read on Goodreads, I have to agree with everyone, this is not your average 24 hour romance! Hadley and Oliver's journey felt so realistic!  As I was reading this book, it felt like a movie was playing in my head by the same style as When Harry Met Sally or You've Got Mail (two of all time favorite movies!), which is one of the best feelings while reading a great book! :)

Overall rating:

I highly recommend this one, if you haven't read!  I personally, bought it mainly because the title caught my eyes, and it definitely didn't disappoint! :)

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. This is on my to-read list but it's been on the back burner b/c of all my review copies. Any chance you'll be doing a giveaway? :)

    1. Lol, no sorry not on this one. I usually don't buy any books for giveaways. I'm to selfish for that. If I do giveaways its thanks to an awesome author!! :)

  2. I love When Harry Met Sally and I'm pretty sure I'll love this, given that the reviews have been so good. I'm just waiting for my local library to get a copy of it on the shelves.

    Sarah @ That Teenage Feeling

    1. It's super cute! And I hope you get the chance to read it! Does your library allow you to order books from other libraries in your area??

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