Friday, July 27, 2012

Twisted by Sara Shepard (Pretty Little Liars #9,000)

So it's been almost two years since I last read a Pretty Little Liars book.  I've had Twisted sitting on my bookshelf since its release last July! 
This series was supposed to be over with Number 8!!! BUT NO!!! Sara Shepard decided to write ANOTHER 4!!!
This December, FINALLY, the 12th and final Pretty Little Liars is being released (at least, I'm really hoping it's the last! In fact I've been hoping for the last book for the past 7 flipping years!!!

Sara Shepard if I could just say one thing to you...YOU ARE KILLING ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, so let's begin...

So for those of you who haven't read the series, or seen the TV show (which btw, is WAY different than the books!!, but sort of gives you the overall idea of the series) then I'd recommend you not reading this description and review, because might be SPOILERS!!!

That is a warning!!!

Twisted (Pretty Little Liars, #9)

So anyway, before I give away way too much about what happened in this book here's Goodreads
It’s been a year since the torturous notes from A stopped and the mystery of Alison DiLaurentis’s disappearance was finally put to rest. Now seniors in high school, Aria, Spencer, Hanna and Emily are older, but they’re not any wiser. The Pretty Little Liars have more secrets than ever - twisted secrets that could destroy the perfect lives they’ve worked so hard to rebuild.

Aria’s jealous of her boyfriend’s new exchange student. Spencer’s getting a little too cozy with her soon-to-be-stepbrother. Hanna’s one scandalous photo away from ruining her dad’s Senate campaign. And Emily will do anything to get a swim scholarship.

Worst of all: Last spring break in Jamaica, they did something unforgivable. The girls are desperate to forget that fateful night, but they should know better than anyone that all secrets wash ashore … eventually.

My thoughts:
Okay, as I was reading this book I actually found myself taking notes, because I really didn't want to forget anything that I wanted to mention in this review.  
First off, like I mentioned above the TV show is A LOT different than the books!  First off, the characters in the show become close friends almost immediately in the tv show, for the books that isn't really the case.   
I will say one thing though about the TV show...I somehow almost like it better than reading the books, only because of the girls.  Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are SOOOOOOOOOO much nicer in the show than they are in the books!
Now when it comes to the suspense I give all my love to the books, and that's the MAIN reason why I love this series!
Yes, I've said, I LOVE this freaking 10,000 books series!!

Now to my least favorite character in the books...Spencer.
Spencer I can honestly only describe her as: Bitch! Spoiled! Thinks she's above everyone!  This chick is awful!  She thinks she rules the world, and in a lot of way she reminds me so much of the girls' best friend Ali.  Ali was just as manipulative and did anything possible to get her way...I guess (HUGE SPOILER ALERT!!!) it runs in the blood...

Now to my other HUGE problem I have with this series...the parents!
What is up with them?? 
I mean seriously? Do none of them have a heart??
Okay, so I will admit Hanna's mother actually didn't really show up in this book, but her father...seriously, I just want to scream at him, "OPEN YOUR EYES, Mr. Marin!!!!! Kate IS NOT your daughter!!! And she's a conniving bitch!!!"
Spencer's mom, was actually a little better, up until the point where she starts dating a psychopath!!!
Now Emily's parents...OH MY GOODNESS!! What is up with them?! Not only have they shipped their daughter to go live on a Amish farm with her Aunt, Uncle, and cousins, because they found out she was a lesbian, but then they have also pretty much shunned her because she quit swimming for about a year...but then again DO YOU BLAME HER???
The girl who she thought was her best friend died! Then came back alive, only to be found out to not be her BFF afterall, but her BFF's Twin Sister! And then her BFF also happened to be her first real love, who unfortunately broke Emily's heart multiple times! Then Emily and her friend have been getting tormented for YEARS by this chick, or possibly guy now (who knows, really?? Except of course Sara Shepard! What I would do to get into that woman's mind!!) who calls herself/himself "A"!
The parents know all this too!
Plus Emily has this HUGE shocking secret that she kept under wraps for the past year! I totally called it!! Right from the beginning of Twisted by the way!! I knew right away just by how she feeling in Jamaica!

Anyway, yes, Award for Worst Parents of the World goes to...THE PARENTS OF The PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!!!

Now to Ali! All I have to say about her is...Emily couldn't have said it better, "We don't know who we're dealing with. She's, like, bionic."! SERIOUSLY!! What is up with that chick?! She's got some serious mental issues!!

And even though these seem to be negatives about the books, some sort of are, like the parents thing, but for instance the Ali thing...yeah not so much! What I LOVE about this series is how enthralling and captivating Sara Shepard makes them.  With this series it's honestly that no crazy possibility is a crazy thought! Anything is possible with this story line. If you think something completely insane that the characters did, then there is a pretty good shot that they did!
I think that's pretty awesome! The mystery in this series! Oh jeez, the mystery!! It has me on my toes from beginning until end each time! I have lost count on how many times I have thought, "Okay, Mandy, it's time to stop buying these books.  This series needs to just end!" but somehow my brain doesn't listen to itself, and I go online and hit that "Add to Cart" button on Barnes and Noble.  It's ridiculous! But I LOVE IT!!!

Seriously, if you haven't read this series...READ IT!!! Especially if you love mystery, drama, and cat fights!!
It's worth it!

The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I was a big PLL book fan and now I like the TV show. I stopped reading the books once they started going on and on, though. I read the one where Allison's killer was revealed, then I heard she wrote ANOTHER one after, lol, even though that was supposed to be the last one. :(

    1. The thing is Alison's killer has been announced a couple of times. So was it when Mona was caught? Or did you read "Wanted"? (the 8th book), because in that one the real killer was caught.