Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful Creatures the Movie (Review)

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So I saw Beautiful Creatures this morning!! :)

I read Beautiful Creatures last month, and thought it was a great unique story! And so of course, I have been looking forward to seeing the movie, which finally came out yesterday on the official Day of Love!

My Thoughts:
My blogging friend, Liz, over at Yes/No Films, told me when she saw the movie that they had changed it A LOT from the book!  I was a bit worried, honestly, even after she told me, she still really liked it.  It's always risky, and while I'm usually very open about books being turned into movies (in fact, it's very rare that I don't enjoy the movie), I was looking forward to having this story come alive!

But guess what?

I had nothing to worry about!

While they did change quite a few things, for instance one being that they took out the character Marian, and combined her role as librarian with that of Amma (portrayed by Viola Davis); this movie was still really great!

If you've read the book I would recommend going in with a very open mind though, because if you're a HUGE fan of the book, and expecting it to be exactly like it, you'll be disappointed and probably not like it.  However, while I really did like BC (the book) and will definitely 100% read the rest of the series, I was okay with the changes they made, to be honest!

For instance, because the book is in the Point of view of Ethan, they had to have him be at every scene in order for the reader to get it; and in the movie it wasn't like that, which I actually found good.
Emma Thompson (who plays the role of Mrs. Lincoln (and another character...) did an awesome job playing pretty much a psycho!  There is this scene in a church, with Macon (played by Jeremy Irons), and she moved her head all crazily back and, that was pretty freaky, but at the same time so convincing!

There was also this line that Amma said that sort of stuck of me.  Ethan asks her why does she still believe in God, when she also believes in magic?  And she replies that God made her this way, and that it is the humans that decide all on their own to be the unforgiving ones towards people who don't have the same beliefs as them.  Loved that, because it's just so true!

I will say the ending completely freaked me out!  But then because of the last line, it made it all better.  I was worried their for a second, that they were going to give it an ACTUAL ENDING, you know instead of leaving it open for a second movie?  But luckily, they saved it!

Overall rating:
I should start calling the Movie review ratings, "Mookies" for Movies to Books, instead of "Bookies" lol.
Anyway, highly recommend this one! Even if you haven't read the book, and don't plan on it! It's a great story, played by some very talented (and CUTE!!! in the case of Alden Ehrenreich, who plays Ethan. OMG THAT SMILE!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!) actors!  The cinematography was really pretty I thought (my mom, who came with me to watch it, wasn't a huge fan of the effects, but I thought they were pretty good).  I loved the costumes, and the accents!  

Definitely go out and see it! :)

The Romance Bookie :) 


  1. "Mookies" lol.

    Thanks for the shoutout! I think if I had not read the books I would have liked it even better, actually - it's the type of movie I usually really like, love story combined w/ some sort of paranormal/supernatural thing - but because I had read the books I was a little shocked at first, lol.

    1. I think it definitely helped having been warned! haha otherwise I would have been more disappointed I think. But I did really like it! :)

  2. I am a little bummed at the money made at the box office this weekend for the movie. It was bad.. there probably won't be a second movie for the series. Bummer!!


    1. I know! I am so bummed! I guess men just aren't that romantic anymore, taking their girlfriends to action movies, not romantic movies ;(.

      It didn't even bring in close to what it cost! Which sucks! I really liked it!