Sunday, February 24, 2013

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson Audiobook Review

2013 Audio Book Challenge  

So I've completed my FIRST Audiobook for 2013!! My goal is to listen to at least 5 different books on CD, or technically my computer or iPod haha! :)

Now since this is my first Audiobook review, let me explain how I will doing these...

As of right now, I only plan on listening to books I HAVE already read.
Why?  Well, because I'm trying to listen to a new perspective.  I want to listen to a book through another voice, and I'm definitely looking forward to it! :)
So goes!! :)

Title: Speak

Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Audio Read by: Mandy Siegfried

Length: 5 hours/4 Discs

 From Goodreads

Audiobook Review:

Laurie Halse Anderson created a very powerful novel with Speak, in my opinion, and I thought it was a very unique experience hearing it come alive through someone else's voice.  When I read the book, I imagine it in my own way, and it was great being able to hear another perspective through Mandy's voice (haha, funny, because MY name is Mandy too!!! Not kidding!).

Anyway my overall rating of Speak, the Audiobook:
 Definitely recommend this one! Mandy had a great voice, that matched Melinda's personality perfectly I thought! :)

If you haven't read or listened to Speak, and don't know what it's about, CHECK IT OUT!! You won't be disappointed! It's a very powerful story, that I would recommend for anyone! I actually think every girl should read or listen to this one!

The Romance Bookie :)