Monday, February 18, 2013

Toni De Palma Interview (author of "The Devil's Triangle")

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I've got a special interview with Toni De Palma, who has just released her new book The Devil's Triangle!


The Romance Bookie: Please describe "The Devil's Triangle" in a few sentences. 

Toni de Palma: Seventeen-year old bad boy, Cooper Wanderman, dies in a fire but gets another chance at heaven when Lucy, Lucifer’s sister, sends him back to earth to find a girl named Grace. What Cooper doesn’t know is that Grace and he have a shared history.
TRB: What was your inspiration for writing "The Devil's Triangle"?

TDP: My son and I spent a lot of time watching the T.V. show Fringe and I love the whole notion of alternate realities. Putting Cooper in such a crazy, convoluted world was a blast.

TRB:   Has the paranormal/fantasy genre always fascinated you?

TDP: I don’t write a story based on a genre or where it fits on the shelf. I wrote this book because of Cooper. He’s a bad boy with a good heart. He’s conflicted and doesn’t know what to do with all of the emotions inside of him. He is tremendously appealing to me. The fact that he gets to go up against the Devil is a bonus.

TRB:   (It sounds like, from the description) that the a lot of the book is in the point of view of a male character, was that difficult to write?

TDP:  Getting into the head of a male character? Surprisingly no. At home, I am surrounded by testosterone. There’s my husband, my son and my dog, Chester. They all contributed their unique perspectives to this book, not voluntarily I might add. It was fun to say things that only a teenage boy would say and be a little gross.

TRB:  Which do you prefer: hardcopies or ebooks? Why? 

TDP:  I do have a Kindle, but I have to confess that, other than reading while standing in line at the Frankfurt airport, an ebook just doesn’t cut it for me. When I get a book, I go through a whole process, sort of like my dog when he is getting ready to flop down in a spot. I flip through the pages to see how many pages it is. Then I check how many chapters it is. I read the back flap, the acknowledgments and who published it. I feel its weight and this is where the dog analogy really fits – I sniff the book. A brand new book, a book from a second hand shop and one from the library – each one has its own unique smell. Okay, call me weird. But it works for me (and my dog).

Thanks Toni!  I feel the same way about holding an actual book in my hands! I love my Kindle, just because of its practicality, but it just isn't the same! :)

You can get your copy of Toni's new novel The Devil's Triangle on Amazon and Barnes and Noble! :)

Thanks everyone! :)

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