Meg-A Readers Announcement!!!

OMG I am so unbelievably excited right now!!
Diana (Little Miss Drama Queen) and I have been talking about this for months now!

And we want you all to be in the loop of whats exciting to come soon!!

For all you Meg Cabot fans out there, ones who Blog and even those who don't!  Our SECOND ANNUAL Meg-A Readers will be happening again soon!!! :)

What Diana and I can tell you as of right now is that Meg-A Readers will be once again a TWO Month long event, celebrating the release of Meg's two new books this year!!

However, it will be a little later on, as of right now, we are planning between July and September, which is when Awaken (July 2, MY birthday!!! Yay!! Goodreads has May 7th as the release date, however on Meg's website it says July :)), which is the third and FINAL novel in the Abandon Trilogy; as well as Size 12 is the New Black (September according to Meg's website), which is the 5th book in the Heather Wells Series! Size 12 is the New Black doesn't have a cover design YET, but as soon as it does I will 100% be featuring it here on The Romance Bookie! :)

So along with the time frame, we also have a couple of new things we want to add to this years Meg-A Readers!  Diana and I are throwing ideas around, and coming up with different activities that will be fun!  Plus we hope to be doing Giveaways again!!

Now here's where YOU come in!!

We want ALL Meg Cabot fans, who Blog to sign up and join!!!! :) Like last year, we're doing a Blog Hop, where all the bloggers will be assigned a day where they will make a post dedicated in some way or form to one/or even their absolute favorite author of all time...Meg Cabot!!!! :)

Here is the Linky, for sign-ups, which will be open for a next few months, so you definitely have plenty of time!  When you sign up, I will also be emailing you with the latest details on what is going on, and discussing days for you to post eventually! :)

Thanks Everyone! And I REALLY hope we get a ton of new Sign ups this year along with the awesome fans who joined in last year!! :)

And both Diana and I will be posting more information in the coming months! :)
The Romance Bookie :)


  1. I signed up! Send me an email with what I need to do for it :) thanks.

  2. Had no idea another would be happening this year! I'm all for it. :) Just tweeted about it too!

  3. I started a book blog last week and then was very excited to see this post since I love Meg Cabot! :)


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